Chiropractic vs Physiotherapy – Or Not

Chiropractic Adjustment

It’s going to be a short post. I am not a chiropractor or a physiotherapist and if you google it, you could find some technical comparisons. What I hope to present is based on my experience in Singapore from both – as a patient of chiropractic and an observer of physiotherapy at the local hospital, as well as my mom’s experience as a patient for both chiropractic and physiotherapy.

Chiropractic – Relieving Muscle Tightness

Instead of going for one or the other, why not allow chiropractic and physiotherapy to complement each other? In this post “How I Cured My Hunchback”, I wrote about chiropractic helping the muscles to loosen and correct any misalignment in the spine.

In order to train and maintain muscle memory, as well as prevent the muscles from pulling back into their old positions, this is where physiotherapy can come in to help after each chiropractic treatment. In fact not only with physiotherapy, pilates would also help in strengthening the muscles (holding in the correct positions, of course). You would not want to work on a set of muscles that are in spasms because that will cause more strain and stiffness in the areas.

In my book, I would think chiropractic is the first line of treatment before physiotherapy or pilates.

Consistency is Your Best Friend

Depending on the severity of your pain, it is best to start with fewer intensity and consistent frequency. Whether you are doing chiropractic, physiotherapy and/or pilates, consistency is the key in the overall programme.

However if your pain is due to the thinning of the discs and degeneration of the spine (having bone spurs), truth to be told chiropractic, physiotherapy or pilates will not be able to correct the issue depending on your age (both real and body age). These could only provide some relief from the pain and at the end of it all, I believe the patient may still need to go for spinal surgery.

My mom aged 60 is in this situation for years for her lower back pain and neck pain. She puts surgery as the last resort and when her condition deteriorates beyond the pain that she could bear. Right now, she manages with regular exercises (e.g. swimming), physiotherapy, acupuncture, cupping therapy and many more.

Chiropractic vs physiotherapy? It usually involves a number of approaches to getting pain relief; there is no all-in-one solution when it comes to the human body.