4 Pain Relief Remedies for Sensitive Teeth

I have sensitive teeth. I do not remember when it started but the condition worsened in 2010. It was those days when I ate chocolate, drank beverages with ice or simply had wind blew into my mouth, I will cringe in pain and see stars. Sometimes it got so bad that I had to stop whatever I’m doing and hold myself against a wall or sit/squat down, in case I faint.

I have been using Sensodyne toothpaste to help and also visit the dentist every half yearly. Yet that didn’t quite work as much as I think they could. Don’t get me wrong; they have their own place and are great for maintenance. It is just that we should do this first instead of any other remedy.

Now my sensitivity has lessen so much. Well what changed?

#1 Sensitive Teeth Remedy: Braces


I simply went to straighten my teeth with braces.

It hit me real hard one day, to realise that the normal brushing couldn’t reach the hard corners and even though I use mouth rinse daily, it is unable to improve the situation drastically. In fact, my dentist has been nagging at me to go for braces and even wrote a recommendation letter to his friend.

It was always on the back of my mind – I kept the letter for a while not knowing what to make of it and then I threw it away (Sorry doc!) On hindsight, I should have taken his advice then and I could have savaged more of my teeth from sensitivity. My doctor must also be having great difficulty to clean my teeth. LOL.

If you have crooked teeth like me and are suffering from sensitive teeth, you will be doing yourself a great service by visiting an orthodontist first. A lot of people thought I went for braces to look better but for me, the aesthetics was simply a bonus that came with my decision. I was at the clinic purely to solve my sensitive teeth. I figured that having straight teeth will be easier to clean and maintain, which means lesser plaque to wreck havoc on them. I took the cheapest option – the metal braces, which costs approx. $4,200 (including GST, with first retainer cost).

I am still wearing my retainer but only at night, and I return to my orthodontist every 3-4 months for a follow-up check, just for him to make sure the teeth are still correctly aligned.

Here are his details, in case you are keen:

About Braces
Dr. Vaz
8 Sinaran Drive

#2 Sensitive Teeth Remedy: Sensodyne (Sensitive Teeth Toothpaste)

I used to be scared of putting toothpaste in my mouth, because of the extent of my sensitivity. Although my sensitivity has improved massively, there are 2 teeth that the roots are already exposed too badly.

So I still choose my toothpaste carefully and I almost always use Sensodyne. I changed brands once and tried Colgate for Sensitive Teeth. But I went into a pain fit when the cool paste touched those 2 sensitive parts. Ever since then, I dared not use any other brands, other than Sensodyne.

#3 Sensitive Teeth Remedy: Dental Fillings

You can choose to use dental fillings to patch the parts where you experience sensitivity. It does works and makes dental visitations a lot less scary, especially when the dentist has to introduce the airflow into your mouth while working on your teeth. I chose the white fillings. If you want them to last longer, you could opt for silver fillings instead.

#4 Sensitive Teeth Remedy: Oral Botanica Liquid Toothpaste

Oral Botanica

I stumbled upon Oral Botanica at an organic shop last year. Dr. Ubbo von Oehsen is the chemist who invented Oral Botanica in Singapore. It works as a liquid toothpaste, mouthwash and breath freshener. I use it mainly as a liquid toothpaste, together with Sensodyne.

Sensodyne for overall brushing, and Oral Botanica Classic for gaps between teeth, my wisdom teeth and the teeth surface.

I noticed that it is very effective against plaque formation, due to its mix of 5 organic oils: Spearmint, Peppermint, Clove, Tea Tree, Myrrh and Almond that kills bacteria. I have been using it for more than 8 months now and I have not experienced any adverse reactions when using it on my sensitive teeth.

It will sting for a while and it is recommended not to rinse your mouth after using. Although it’s bearable, I always rinse as I still find it is too spicy. Now they have Oral Botanica for kids with a different mix of ingredients; it may be less spicy.

You can order directly from their website or on HipVan.com

Note: I did not receive any remuneration from my ordorthodist, Sensodyne or Oral Botanica.

Well then, there you have it! Hope these tried-and-tested methods will prove useful for you.

Do you have any other remedies for sensitive teeth? Share your tip here so we could all benefit!