The Stick Self-Roller Massager Review

The Stick Self-Roller Massager

Our Verdict
  • Value for Money
  • Design
  • Quality of Material
  • Practical Use

Tried & Tested

The Stick looks simple but don’t be fooled by its appearance! It’s one mean device for all your pain relief needs. Whether you feel muscle tension in the neck or leg, it helps in deep tissue massage. After massage, you even have a good night’s sleep.

We came to know about The Stick, through my mom’s friend who knew about the product from her physiotherapist. Ever since we got the 17” travel stick, we have been using it almost every night to roll away those knots in our thighs, calves, necks, shoulders, sides of the torso and even the feet. We keep it in the living room so that it is conveniently within reach for us to use while we are watching TV.

The Stick Self-Roller Massager

I particularly like to target the part near the knees because of some tightness and soreness on my knees. I always feel immense relief on those trigger areas. Occasionally I’ll work on my inner thighs closest to the pelvic and those areas were quite raw initially. I’ll slowly roll The Stick outwards from pelvic to thigh. After a few sessions, the pain quickly reduced. When I worked from home running my freelance design business, my life was pretty much desk-bound and I needed some way to stretch my tight calves. If you are not one who likes to stretch the calves muscles with a stretch band, The Stick also does a pretty good job at that. However for a complete back leg workout, the stretch / resistance band is still the best way to go.

The Stick Structure

The rod is enclosed by individual equal-sized parts which has the mobility to roll over the muscles. You can self-roll yourself while watching TV, or ask someone to help with hard-to-roll areas like the neck and near the shoulder blades. If you have muscle aches from sports or exercises, it helps to loosen them up. Although this may not look like a very impressive device, what it does is a myofascial release action (deep tissue massage). I find it does the job better than a foam roller, which usually leaves me with body aches the next day.

The Stick is suitable for people of all ages, from school-going children to elderly folks like my mom, and especially for people with sedentary lifestyles.

Where to Buy The Stick

I previously bought it for about SGD60 from the pharmacy in Khoo Teck Puat Hospital (Singapore) and even enquired with the supplier if there are other outlets where they distribute this product. In the reply, there isn’t any other places where they stock it.

Recently on 28/03/15, I went back to check its stock for the purpose of this entry. Unfortunately they no longer stock it. I have also emailed the supplier but there wasn’t a response. 🙁

I guess now you can only purchase The Stick Self-Roller Massager online at

I also saw some other roller massagers sold in the sports retail outlets (probably World of Sports) but they do not have the individual mobile parts.

Did you manage to get The Stick? How did it help you? Please share your experience in the comments!