Tokyu Hands at Orchard Central Singapore

As mentioned in this post “3 Easy Ergonomics Ways to Avoid Various Strains and Pains”, Tokyu Hands at Orchard Central in Singapore stocks a variety of interesting fitness and wellness products from Japan. I first came to know about Tokyu Hands when I was a student in Tokyo, Japan. It is like the mecca of lifestyle products in Ikebukuro, like Animate is for anime.

This is how Tokyu Hands store (erm, building) looks like in Kobe.

Tokyu Hands Kobe


If you enter via the street level entrance of the shopping mall, head down to Basement 1. As you walk into the store, there will be a television featuring an eccentric product called “Facial Fitness Pao” by MTG that claims to shape your face. MTG also sells the “Style” (SGD120), which is similar to BackJoy except it has a higher lumbar backrest and supports the backside better.

MTG Body Make Seat Style

It says:
“Designed to Emulate the Hands of a Chiropractor

The form of the “Style” arose from a thorough research of Chiropractic techniques and the human body. The part that supports the lower back emulates the movement of the hands of a Chiropractor. The “Style” is designed to maintain correct posture when seated, with curves based on the human form that fits perfectly.

Inspired by Chiropractic Technique
In our day-to-day lives, our posture tends to degrade for many reasons.

The “Style” was designed with a focus on the knowledge and techniques used to align the body (chiropractic medicine).”

MTG Body Make Seat Style

You can also purchase the product on MTG online store.

In the same area, Tokyu Hands also featured the Bagel Cushion (SGD20).

Bagel Cushion

I love their cheerful colours. Although the price is attractive, I don’t believe their claim of shaping butts. After long usage periods of sitting on it, the cushion will likely be out-of-shape.

Moving further into the store while keeping left, you will reach an area where all the fitness and exercise products are displayed.

La VIE’s Uchimata de Diet Fit (Inner Thigh de Diet Fit)

La VIE Uchimata de Diet Fit

According to La VIE’s online store, Diet Fit was previously featured on TV and magazine – Latest feature on Yaseru! Jelly Vol. 5 in Jan 2015. It claims to train your inner thighs and the exercise will give you beautiful legs and buttocks. It also will give you beautiful bust by also training the pectorals major muscle. Diet Fit’s product rationale is we don’t always train the inner thigh and when our inner thigh muscles grow weak, the muscle around our abdomens will slack. Soon fats will deposit easily around the abdomen, thighs and buttocks. SGD20.

La VIE’s Fukkin Roller (Abdominal Muscle Roller)

La VIE Fukkin Roller

Another La VIE product – Fukkin Roller to train your abs. If you are bothered by the fats around your abdomen, this is the device for you. Only 1 min a day! SGD18.

Body Stretch Nobiru

La VIE Body Stretch Nobiru

More La VIE products! Body Stretch Nobiru SGD13. Body Stretch Nobiru Fitness SGD24.

Tokyu Hands Back Support Belts

A variety of back support belts…Infrared Belly Band SGD73, Magnetic Back Brace SGD92.

Ohyamashiki Body Make Pad Premium

Ohyamashiki Body Make Pad at Tokyu Hands

What caught my eye was the Ohyamashiki Body Make Pad Premium. What is a body make pad? Welcome to the weird world of Japanese product-naming. Developed by Prof. Ohyama from Osaka University, this device claimed to improve your posture when you wear it on your toes. It especially targets users with bow (O-shaped) legs. This condition is pretty common among Japanese people.

According to their official website, the Premium version is also suitable for people who have strained neck, shoulders and back, as well as for those who do not exercise regularly. After prolonged usage to correct these conditions, the pad can even help you slim down. You can wear it as per normal when you’re wearing shoes.

Japanese CM* Body Make Pad Junior. *In Japanese, CM means commercial for short

Reviews are pretty mixed on the efficacy of the product, on both and cosme (Rating: 4.7 out of 7). On cosme, some users said that according to the instruction leaflet, they’re supposed to feel some pain for the first 3 days of wearing it but they didn’t (Maybe it is a good thing?) One particular user felt pain suddenly during one usage after using for close to a month, even though s(he) didn’t experience any pain before that. On the other hand, users with positive experience cited improving their body’s centre of gravity and bow legs. One had a foot pain issue resolved, after he/she had gone through countless x-rays and treatment for 3 years and even when the doctors couldn’t find the cause of his/her pain.

Well does it really work? I do not know and I don’t think I’ll want to try it. It is pricey at approx. SGD30, considering results do not seem to be consistent across people.

Pelvic Style Pillow

Pelvic Style Pillow at Tokyu Hands

It touts to be a 5 mins per day exercise, by lying down to relax the back. You can also have beautiful legs and bust, and see improvement in the hips. SGD27.

Exercises that you could do with the Pelvic Style Pillow


Besides these devices, Tokyu Hands also stocks skin care, body care, household and stationery products and so on. I bought soaps and ninjaROBO, an innovative dust mite extermination trap.

How It Works
ninjaROBO at Tokyu Hands

I placed it on the corner of my bed. Ever since I used it about a month ago, I wake up with lesser allergy symptoms like sneezing and watery eyes. It’s effective but very expensive (SGD29 – 34 per piece, depending on the number of pieces you’re purchasing) and it can only be used for 3 months before you have to change a new one. I’m still mulling over if I should continue with it. Let’s see how it goes.