How to Prevent Full Blown Sore Throat Naturally

A famous saying goes, “Prevention is better than cure.” Around the internet, you see a lot of “How to Cure Sore Throat” but lacking in prevention of a full-blown sore throat. Why get help only then? On the onset, your throat will feel a little sore. However nothing too painful yet.

Stop Sore Throat

Sore throats are like the body’s warnings for a possible illness. If it is not rectified, more often than not, other symptoms like runny nose, coughs and headaches would soon follow.

Before it gets worse, let’s consider using all of these methods (proven, by yours truly) to reduce the inflammation greatly. Simple to implement. It’s only a matter of your discipline to follow through. 🙂

Sore Throat Remedy #1: Gargle with Warm Salt Water

Gargle with Salt Water

Almost everyone knows this method. Salt is almost like the holy grail of getting any swollen tissues to work doubly hard at healing. Mouth ulcer? Press down some salt on it. Sore throat? No problem, mix a teaspoon (or half) with warm water and gargle. Do it a few times a day, and you will feel much better.

Sore Throat Remedy #2: Drink a Lot of Water

Drink a Lot of Water

I really mean, LOTS.

I would down a standard 250ml glass of water almost every hour, and this helps to keep the throat moist. If you want to give more ‘oomph’ in fighting the inflammation, my regime is to include Clipper Tea’s Healing Garden and/or the good ol’ peppermint, in addition to drinking alkaline water from Nikken’s Aqua Pour Gravity Water System.

Ingredients of Healing Garden: Ginger, Lemongrass, Lemon peel, Ginseng root, Spearmint and Liquorice. (Side note: It is also effective for indigestion and wind/gas in the abdomen…Helps every time!)

Peppermint Plant

Home-grown peppermint – they grow so much that the herb looks like vegetables during harvesting. After that, we will dry and store them for future use. I would take a bunch and fill them up with hot water in a glass.

Sore Throat Remedy #3: Sleep Early

Sleep Early

Hands up. Are you not getting enough sleep? Sleeping late and waking up early? Everyone has their optimal hours of sleep. Some people can take 6 hours every night and still wake up fresh, but others may require 7-8 hours per night for similar quality of wakefulness.

Knowing your biological preference is important, though I would recommend sleeping as early as you can especially when you have a sore throat. TCM believes the liver really gets down to work is between 1 and 3 am. Liver has 6 major functions: metabolism, detoxification, immunity, bilification and bile excretion, blood coagulation as well as regulating the blood volume in the body. It is a very important organ!

Love your liver and you will be rewarded with a faster recovery.

What are your methods?
Do you have a formula to follow faithfully for sore throat treatment? Would love to hear your thoughts!

P.S.: Some people swear by Danzen (serratiopeptidase) for sore throat. However based on Health Sciences Authority (HSA)’s update, clinical evidence has shown that it “does not provide significant clinical benefit over the use of placebo for the approved indications.” Hence HSA has taken the “regulatory decision to phase out serratiopeptidase-containing preparations as medicinal products.” Danzen is now classified as a health supplement and you can still purchase them over-the-shelves. IMO Danzen can still be taken, but perhaps only when the sore throat is just starting (2 tabs, 3 times a day). Beyond that, I don’t really see it having much effect for a full-blown sore throat.