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Working in the pharmaceutical industry as a marketer alongside colleagues who are pharmacists and doctors, it opens my eyes to the world of drugs. Formulations have to undergo clinical trials and backed by medical articles published in peer-reviewed journals, so that when we speak to the medical doctors, it definitely has the efficacy for their patients.

Just like how some people joke how banks are actually legalised moneylenders (unlike loan sharks), pharmaceutical manufacturers are like the drug lords, except they are operating legally.

I like to try new brands. I always read labels and check their ingredients, whether it’s product I put into my body, or slap on my face. Now when a product for the health and beauty industry speaks out as being backed by clinical studies, I’m even more intrigued to test it out.

Consumer sales from products from this industry are usually pushed more by clever marketing, effective sales channels and people, than selling on its clinical trials.

BioSil ch-OSA: Advanced Collagen Generator

BioSil ch-OSA 30ml

Our Verdict
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Tried & Tested

Is it worth it? In my case, it’s a resounding YES. If you analyse the price to its efficacy, I’m only spending USD3.20 (SGD4.30) every month for 8 months, which means about USD0.10 per day! And I’m still not finishing it yet. It’s stretching my dollar and giving me good results, considering I didn’t consume it daily. I can’t imagine getting by without it. But I’ll likely get the caps instead. The drops stink real bad without a strong beverage to cover it up.

Manufactured by Bio Mineral NV in Belgium, BioSil is touted as an advanced collagen generator. Its active ingredient is ch-OSA (Choline-Stabilized Orthosilicic Acid), a bioavailable form of silicon, which is found to increase the hydroxyproline concentration in the dermis of animals.1

Mostly found in collagen, Hydroxyproline plays a major role in collagen stability and some manufacturers put it into cosmetic products to enhance the forming of collagen. In this way, the skin will achieve more firmness and wrinkles are reduced. Hydroxyproline also helps in wound healing and is an important element in bones.

Clinical Trial – Skin, Hair & Nails

BioSil ch-OSA Graph - Skin

According to the study published in Archives of Dermatological Research, 25 healthy women with photodamaged facial skin consume 10 mg of Silicon/day orally in the form of ch-OSA pellets for 20 days, while the other 25 healthy women with the same skin condition were given placebo. Results showed a significant positive effect for the skin, hair and nails.1

BioSil ch-OSA Graph - Nails

Clinical Trial – Hair

In another study published in the same journal, for 9 months they tested it out on 48 women with fine hair – 24 had oral intake of ch-OSA and 24 had placebo. It has the same resounding results – hair breaks lesser, promoting thicker hair.2

BioSil ch-OSA Graph - Strengthen Hair

BioSil ch-OSA Graph - Thickens Hair

Depending on your needs, BioSil has a few SKUs, namely in drops (15ml & 30ml) as well as in veggie caps (30, 60 or 120 caps) for skin, hair, nails and bones. I purchased the 30ml drops so it gets absorbed faster by the body through the bloodstream.

About BioSil ch-OSA Drops

Goat Milk

Since October 2014, I have been taking it together with my morning hot beverage. Because of its pungent smell, the only drink that masks it pretty well is goat milk, which has an equally potent odour that I’m already used to it. Even then, there’s a lingering BioSil liquid odour in the milk and till this day after more than 8 months, I still couldn’t get used to it. Lately, I found out brown sugar drink does a better job at masking the odour entirely.

No Fish No Shellfish

You may be surprising to know it does not contain fish/shellfish given its stinky smell, but I guess it’s the silicon that causes it.

Strategy for Using BioSil ch-OSA

As I’m underweight (BMI: 16) which puts me at higher risk of osteoporosis, my initial motive behind my purchase was to reduce the rate of bone resorption. Our body constantly undergoes bone metabolism or remodelling, which is a process where mature bone tissues get removed (bone resorption) and new tissues are formed (bone formation). As we age, bone resorption exceeds formation.

Hence, it is my strategy to complement the bone formation (e.g. drinking milk, taking calcium supplements) throughout my year till menopause and as per the instructions, I only need to take 6 drops 1 time a day.

Since I add BioSil in hot beverage, I would think the heat may have destroyed a significant portion of the active ingredient even though I will always drink it immediately. However to my surprise, I’m seeing visible results in my toe nails.

Astounding Results

I used to split the cut pieces of my toe nails horizontally into 3-4 thin strips. It goes to show how brittle they are. Now they are so hard and thick that it’s becoming difficult to trim them and I dread a little to cut them now (life’s full of contradictions hur). Best of all, they also no longer have the ugly ridge bumps on the surface.

And you know what, I didn’t take ch-OSA daily. When I want to have a change from drinking goat milk, I didn’t use it in my other beverages (it’s no joke; it stinks real bad). I also did not take any calcium supplement.

Imagine the results if I faithfully commit to a regular regime.

Clinical Trial – Bones

The last study featured in the patient leaflet, was a 1-year trial on 136 osteopenic and osteoporotic women. Results showed a potential treatment use for osteoporosis when a daily combination of ch-OSA, 1,000mg Calcium and 800IU Vitamin D is more promising than using Calcium and Vitamin D3 alone.3

BioSil ch-OSA Graph - Increase Bone Collagen

BioSil ch-OSA Graph - Improves Bone Mineral Density

Supported by these clinical studies and my own positive experience along with many others at iHerb, I highly recommend BioSil as a daily supplement both for beauty and bones. Bone loss occurs in both men and women. It does not matter what age you are at now; we need to grow our bone bank account to cushion against rapid “bone loss” in our senior years.

BioSil has another product line called Bone Collagenizer Matrix & Bone Mineralizer Matrix in capsules, which are especially for consumers who want to guard against osteoporosis. After I’ve finished the liquid one, I’ll switch to the BioSil capsules for better intake consistency and perhaps also try this other line to fit into my plan of osteoporosis prevention.

Stay tuned for further updates!

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At a Glance:

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ItemDosageiHerb Price (USD)
BioSil Advanced Collagen Generator (30 caps)1 cap, twice daily15.99
BioSil Advanced Collagen Generator (60 caps)1 cap, twice daily28.79
BioSil Advanced Collagen Generator (120 caps)1 cap, twice daily50.39
BioSil Advanced Collagen Generator Drops (15 ml)For Skin, Hair & Nails: 5 drops, twice daily;
For Bones: 6 drops, once a day
BioSil Advanced Collagen Generator Drops (30 ml)For Skin, Hair & Nails: 5 drops, twice daily;
For Bones: 6 drops, once a day
BioSil Bone Collagenizer Matrix (40 caps)2 caps, twice daily19.96
BioSil Healthy Bones Plus, 2-Part Program2 caps, twice daily (Collagenizer Matrix)
3 caps, twice daily (Mineralization Matrix)

Disclaimer: I do not receive any remuneration for this review from BioSil. All opinions are my own.


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  2. Wickett RR et al., Effect of oral intake of choline-stabilized orthosilicic acid on hair tensile strength and morphology in women with fine hair. Archives of Dermatological Research. 2007 Dec; 299(10); 499-505. Accessed on 11 June 2015.
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