13 Great Examples of Health PowerPoint Presentations

Good Stuff for Your Body

We have a personal responsibility to take good care of our health. It’s better late than never to turn your backs on unhealthy lifestyle habits!

1. 5 Common Myths About Fasting That May Stop You From Benefiting From It

Well what did we know? Fasting can be a good thing for your well-being. Religions like Christianity and Judaism have a history of fasting, not just Islam (which is more well-known for the practice, because Muslims have to fast for an entire month).

The temporary break from eating cleans up toxins and regenerates the functioning of other major organs. (Highlight to Tweet)

Benefits of Fasting

2. Life Saving Stretches for Desk Job Workers

Do you feel like sometimes you’re doing some ‘back breaking’ blue-collar jobs when in fact, all you do is moving your fingers across keyboard? Sitting is the new bad and I’m guilty of it.

I like the leg lift best, because you can do it discreetly without having your colleagues think you’re looney.

Stretches for Desk Job Workers - The Leg Lift

3. Diabetes Facts and Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle

Diabetes is #10 on the list of death causes in Singapore. By 2030, it is estimated that 600,000 Singapore residents above 40 years old will be diabetic.

Scary as it may sound, however it doesn’t seem to get as much care as its cousins – high cholesterol and blood pressure – among people. It’s no surprise that diabetes is often known as the ‘silent killer’.

In April 2015, Channel News Asia reported that “3 in 10 Singaporeans have diabetes before turning 40” Time to usher in better lifestyle habits!

Say No to Diabetes – Life is Sweeter with Less Sugar (Highlight to Tweet)

Say No to Diabetes - Life is Sweeter with Less Sugar

4. Walk An Extra Two Minutes

Considering the favourite Singaporean pastime is shopping, we could implement this easily into our lifestyle. Heck, even the Health Promotion Board (HPB) encourages this (“Walk the Mall to Better Health”).

Stop reading.

Now go throng the malls, people.

Why are you still here?!

Walk An Extra 2 Minutes

5. 5 Ways to Create Effective Workout Routines

Main takeaway of this presentation is to “do small, doable, consistent, daily tasks.” Before you run, you must learn how to walk. And, before you walk, you must learn how to crawl.

It all takes baby steps to motivate and maintain the momentum, in order to see positive outcomes in your goals!

YouTube videos work terrific for me. Exercising in the comfort of my home, I don’t have to worry that I look totally uncoordinated with my flapping limbs in all those aerobics workouts.

1 of 5 Ways to Create Effective Workout Routines

6. How to Stay In Shape (While On a Budget)

If you can afford it, you can invest in a fitness trainer or classes. Otherwise, nature’s free for you to workout. Lots of places – like the beach for some volleyball action, the mountains for hiking or trekking, the park for your ‘Tai Chi’ exercises, or even yoga / aerobics at home.

Be creative!

How to Stay In Shape (While On a Budget)

7. Stretching: Is It Necessary?

You know how your fitness instructor / teacher is always advocating about stretching before every exercise. This presentation shows you that there’s more to stretching than meets the eye.

Which ones are you guilty of?

Is Stretching Necessary?

8. Smoke – The Convenient Truth

This winner of the World’s Best Presentation contest does not disappoint. What an engaging read! Smokers, you might want to review this for the future of all humanity.

What this picture here didn’t tell you about the other half truth about hydrogen cyanide. Find out in the slides.

Why Smoke Kills

How to Be Sane

Psychological health matters as much as physical’s. When you feel good, you look good too.

9. A Simple Guide to Better Brain Health

The brain is a busy control system, where it is made up of 100 billion nerve cells. Each cell is connected to around 10,000 others – amounting to 1,000 trillion connections. Surely, you want to give this organ more tender loving care for all the hard work it’s been doing.

Here’s one good reason why you should love your brain more.

Boost Your Brain with Physical Exercise

10. Why We All Need to Practise Emotional First Aid

More often than not, we do not pay as much attention to our psychological health as compared to physical health. Since psychological health also adds up to the entire well-being, it is right we should give equal weight to it. Guy Winch, psychologist, tells why it is important in his presentation.

Loneliness is like a dirty word, yet there’s nothing to be ashamed of. Because if this concerns your survival, then what’s the worth of your pride?

Why We All Need Emotional First Aid

11. 5 Inexpensive Ways to Deal with Stress

I particularly like how stress responses “fight” “flight” “freeze” is akin to driving (slide 2). We cannot run away from stress in our lives. However, knowing your stress trigger points, and then applying these strategies from this presentation could help us deal with it better.

“It’s not stress that kills us. It’s our reaction to it” – Dr. Hans Selye (1907-1982) (Highlight to Tweet)

5 Inexpensive Ways to Deal with Stress

12. The Strange Truth About Sleep

If you go to Pinterest and search “sleep infographics”, it returns a mind-boggling number of results. We roughly spend ⅓ of our lives sleeping. Wow, talk about sleeping your life away. Ha! Jokes aside…on the contrary, not getting enough sleep means you’re likely to die younger and increase your risk to serious health problems.

Establish consistent sleep and waking times, even on weekends. (Highlight to Tweet)

The Strange Truth About Sleep

13. The Simpsons Myers-Briggs Test

When I saw this, I knew I have to put this down on the list. Marrying The Simpsons & Myers-Briggs Test is a fantastic idea. And, you can never get it wrong with the “What Type Are You?” questionnaire. Find your Simpsons character!

What’s yours? I’m Lisa! Pretty spot on – church work, designer, entrepreneur, blogger (writer).

The Simpsons Myers-Briggs Test - Lisa Simpsons

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