Exclusive Peek to McDonald’s New Cereal Ebi Burger! (Media Invite)

When I was in Japan, I would sometimes watch Yakitate!! Japan (焼きたて!!ジャぱん) on the free-to-air station, TV Tokyo. It’s an anime about bread-making, and its success spawned even actual bread from the series that you can purchase from the convenience stores.

Yakitate Japan - Bread

I’m crazy about bread, which is mostly what I eat almost every morning for breakfast (even on vacations). Hence, you can imagine how excited I was to be invited to McDonald’s preview launch of their new burger – the Cereal Ebi Burger.

Are You Ready for An Ebi Kase Experience?

Held at McDonald’s @ Ang Mo Kio park on Mon, about 20 of us were immediately transported to “Japan”. I loved how the entire scene was set up — pink cherry blossoms, white lanterns, bamboo place mats and Japanesque table runner adorning every table, and ooh that backdrop!

McDonald's Ebi-Kase Experience

Our lovely hosts from McDonald’s were also dressed in Yukata for the occasion.

McDonald's Ebi-Kase Experience

At my table, I came to know Irene, Tracy, Fiona, Natasha & Swee Teng, and they truly spiced up the evening. I think our table was the noisiest with our laughters. LOL.

’M Loving It!

McDonald's Ebi-Kase Experience

Up on the list – the Welcome Drink! I decided to go for the Mango Peach Chill, because it seemed to have a more unique, blended flavour than Ribena Chill. Well, almost everyone knows how Ribena will taste like, don’t we? 🙂

With the refreshing Mango Peach Chill prepping our gastronomical senses, my stomach took the next dish like fish to water.

The Star of the Evening – Cereal Ebi Set

The Cereal Ebi set comes with the Cereal Ebi Burger and the Sweet Potato Fries. What’s special about this Ebi Burger, is that it’s tastier and more flavourful.

McDonald's Ebi-Kase Experience - Cereal Ebi Set

1. Cereal Ebi Burger

With every bite, I can taste and see chunky shrimps in the patty…so much so that it means McDonald’s generosity gives you more bang for your buck 😉 I like that the patty is also more texturised now, having a crunchy, cereal-coated surface.

And to top it off, the shrimp paste flavoured sauce adds a local, spicy twist to it. I love how McDonald’s didn’t overdo on the spiciness.

You now have the complete, winning look – patty and sauce served together with crispy whole-leaf lettuce in between soft, white sesame and chive buns.

It looks as good as it tastes! It’s something I don’t usually say about fast food, yet I definitely enjoyed this one, especially the patty. Maybe because shrimp is also one of my favourite food items. :p

Here are the ingredients that make up the Cereal Ebi burger (Display is just to provide a visual illustration of the ingredients. I do not think these are the actual amount used):

McDonald's Ebi-Kase Experience - Ingredients


Potato (75g; diced)58 calories
Shrimp, Cooked (50g)53 calories
Cereal, Corn Flakes (28g)100 calories


Chives 1 tbsp chopped (3g)1 calories
Sesame seeds 1 tbsp (9g)52 calories
White Flour (50g)182 calories


Onion (small) (70g)28 calories
Garlic (1 clove) (3g)5 calories
Chilli pepper (1 pc) 45g18 calories

1 leaf lettuce (4.8g) – 1 calories

I have included the calories count of the ingredients for your gauge tentatively. *Quantity shown per ingredient is not reflective of the actual amount used. It’s my estimation of what may seem possible.

Please visit McDonald’s Nutrition Calculator for their official dietary value.

2. Sweet Potato Fries

I’m pleasantly surprised that McDonald’s came up with this innovation for fries. I usually eat sweet potato with porridge, sometimes whole root as baked or as chips. It’s a first time that I’m having the root as fries.

I must say, it’s really good! (just make sure to eat it while it’s hot as with all types of fries)

Come 3 September, McDonald’s is offering the Cereal Ebi Special (Cereal Ebi Burger x 1 + Coca-Cola (S) x 1 + Sweet Potato Fries (M) x 1) from $7.45.

After the welcome drink and the set meal, I was already pretty stuffed. I finished almost all of my fries 😀

However in order to….

Complete Your Ebi-Kase Experience

…you can’t miss the dessert, right?

Yup, that’s right – the new Honeydew McFurry!

McDonalds Ebi-Kase Experience - Honeydew McFlurry

I find that it’s a tad too sweet for my taste. Some of us didn’t finish the ice-cream. It may also because we were all bursting at the seams. LOL. However if you have a sweet tooth, it will be a fantastic end to your meal.

The Honeydew McFurry will be available from $2.90.

Get Set, Ready, Steady Go!

McDonald's Ebi-Kase Experience - Natasha

Natasha’s gonna show off her slender legs!

McDonald's Ebi-Kase Experience

Wrapping up the night in high spirits!

Get your hands on the Cereal Ebi Burger, Sweet Potato Fries and Honeydew McFlurry (whilst stocks last) from 3 September onwards!

Do note that these are seasonal promotion dishes, so they’re only available for a limited time.

McDonald's Ebi-Kase Experience - Cereal Ebi Burger & Sweet Potato Fries
Photo Credit © McDonald’s

Lucky Draw

McDonald's Ebi-Kase Experience - Free Treats


Winner: Zhang Jialiang

Lucky Draw - Winner

Coming Soon!

Look out for the second chapter of Ebi-Kase, to be launched on 17 September!