Seven Wonders Moroccan Argan Oil Skin Serum Review

Seven Wonders Moroccan Argan Oil Skin Serum

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Argan oil is all in the rage now. Hair shampoo. Checked. Cold pressed extra virgin oil. Checked. Face serum. checked. If you want to jump onto the bandwagon, I hope this will give you some insights whether Seven Wonders Moroccan Argan Oil Skin Serum will work for you.

It has certainly worked well for my face, even though it’s not so much on my short hair. I find it a tad greasy and heavy for my liking. Besides the face, I can also use it for the rough soles of my feet or on other parts of the skin that needs TLC. You know this is a keeper when you start seeing visible results on your first try!

I’m on my third bottle, as I’m writing this entry.

I have combination skin and the T-zone is frequently oily. Sometimes I will have acne breakouts on my face for 1 to 2 weeks especially before my menstruation.

Why Seven Wonders Moroccan Argan Oil Skin Serum

One day, I was window shopping in Guardian and the Seven Wonders Moroccan Argan Oil Skin Serum caught my eye. During that time, I was also looking for a face moisturiser. I know oil will absorb by the skin better than most typical lotion or cream (unless they are also all made up of oils).

I was also considering Bio-Oil.

In the end, I decided to give Seven Wonders a try. Because I find the simpler/shorter the ingredients list is, the lesser my face will be overloaded.

No sales promoter was present. I’m also not sure why it didn’t occur to me to research on the Internet about the oil.

Also, I just thought to myself, “It’s only SGD$19.90 isn’t it? If it doesn’t  work out, I could pass it on to my 61-year-old mom who has extreme dry, patched skin and she can use it like a body lotion.” (However, now I know that it is a waste to use it like a body lotion! Read on and you know what I mean.)

While I was queuing to pay for the item, a sales promoter came up and wanted to sell me a competing 100% argan oil serum.

Mind you, Seven Wonders Moroccan Argan Oil Skin Serum is only 99% pure argan oil. 1% is fragrance.

Although the competing brand was also in higher volume (= more expensive) than Seven Wonders’, I stood my ground. I insisted on my choice was because of the price and I also chose to believe its claims of “Suitable for all skin types” and “Non greasy” – which are two important factors for my face.

20 ml at SGD$19.90 is not cheap, because this means it’s about $1/ml. 20 bucks is my price threshold to pay for a product to try first. Later on, I realised that there are even more expensive ones out there, so this makes Seven Wonders’ Serum looks like a steal.

What Is In The Serum

Seven Wonders Moroccan Argan Oil Skin Serum - Argan Tree
Here’s how an argan tree looks like

Certified Organic Argania Argan tree’s botanical name
Spinosa Kernel (Argan) OilEmollient and skin conditioning. It also protects and moisturises the skin. Its constituents include tocopherol, phenolic acid, carotenes, and essential fatty acids. It is obtained from the nut of the argan tree.
TocopherolNatural vitamin E
Fragrance100% natural rose blend
CitronellolA constituent of plant essential oils. Found abundantly in eucalyptus oil. It is used for masking odor or providing a fragrance component to a cosmetic product.
GeraniolPerfuming and with tonic properties. It is a primary constituent in many essential oils, including citronella, lavender, lemongrass, orange flower and ylang-ylang.
LinaloolA fragrant component of both lavender and coriander. It can be incorporated into cosmetics for perfuming, deodorant, or odor-masking activity.

What are essential fatty acids? Why are they important?

Seven Wonders Moroccan Argan Oil Skin Serum is touted to be high in essential fatty acids (EFA). EFA are the basic building blocks of body fats and cellular membranes. If the skin’s EFA content declines, so will its elasticity. Meanwhile, transepidermal water loss will increase, together with skin roughness and scaliness. Because cell membranes are largely made of phospholipids, topically applied EFAs may be metabolized in the skin, normalizing the cell lipid layer and improving the water-retention capability of the corneum layer. Examples of EFAs are Omegas 3, 6, and 9.

Above explanations are extracted from Milady’s Skin Care and Cosmetic Ingredients Dictionary, 4th Edition, Paperback. You can purchase a copy (est. SGD$50, free shipping worldwide) from Book Depository.

How to Use So That It Doesn’t Cause You Acne Breakouts (Here’s My Way)

Seven Wonders Moroccan Argan Oil Skin Serum - Argan Oil
Golden argan oil is good on anywhere your skin needs tender loving care, including the thighs

It has been a few months now and I’m still loving the product.

It was a bit of trial and error along the way. When I first started to apply on my face at night, I was a little apprehensive. I was worried if the oil would clog my pores and cause acne breakouts.

Instead, what surprised me was I no longer have the oily T-zone when I wake up and my face is supple. I can literally see that the skin looks well-rested and pores are less visible.

As I’m having great results, I began to apply it in the morning.


After I did that, zits popped up. Now I only apply it at night.

Do note that this is because I have combination skin. If you have dry skin like my mom’s, your skin can drink it up without worries in the morning too.

I also realised that there is also a technique in applying the oil so it is fully absorbed by the skin while you sleep.

  1. Pump 2 to 3 times of the oil onto one of your palms.
  2. Rub both palms vigorously together until they become warm. Make sure you don’t see any oil residue left. Oil must be absorbed by your palms. You must be wondering if the oil is absorbed by your palms, then isn’t there going to be left for the face? Well, you will be surprised – less is more. I discovered that too much oil will be left on the skin, which couldn’t absorbed the oil optimally. And, having the heat from your palm onto the face helps greatly in the absorption.
  3. Press your palms onto your face. Massage the oil in a wiping, upwards motion (like you are transferring the oil). And you are done!

Seven Wonders Moroccan Argan Oil Skin Serum vs. Holland & Barrett’s Dr Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Skin Lotion

I also introduced Seven Wonders’ serum to my mom.

And, she loves it.

Isn’t it amazing? Yes, this oil also intense moisturises dry, patched skin. True to its claim ‘Suitable for all skin types’

However, there’s one small problem.

The serum comes in a 20ml bottle with a pump. As she applies it so much and more than three times per day (morning, after bathing, night and after swimming) like it were a lotion or cream, it could only last her for a while.

(People with dry, patched skin could be eerily excessive in the moisturising department xD)

She has since switched to Holland & Barrett’s Dr Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Skin Lotion It’s more economical and its size is larger at 200 ml.

Which means, it has 10 times more volume than Seven Wonders’. When my mom visited London in August (2015), she raided Holland & Barrett for their skin lotion. I wasn’t there on the trip, but I heard it was a buying carnage.

Argan oil is expensive (known as ‘liquid gold’) so let’s put things into perspective. You get what you pay for and these two products target very different segments of consumers.

Dr Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Skin Lotion is definitely not anywhere near Seven Wonders’ 99% Argan Oil. If you look at its ingredients list, there are a lot of other things not of argan oil. It’s also a good product, depending on how you want to use it.

I’d say each has its own merits.

Understandably, this is not a fair apple-to-apple comparison.

I tried Plante System Argan Oil (SGD$49.90, 30 ml) which is 100% of the nut oil. It caused me breakouts on 2 to 3 tries despite using it at night. It’s great for my body, but this is definitely not for my face and I have since passed it to my mom, who of course, uses it like drinking water :p

It made me think why.

Why did Seven Wonders Moroccan Argan Oil Skin Serum work for my face but not Plante System 100% Pure Argan Oil?

Well there can be two possible reasons.

1) It could be the Seven Wonders’ Serum formulation.

According to Milady’s Skin Care and Cosmetic Ingredients Dictionary, “often when combining ingredients one plus one equals much more than two” (Part I, Page 46)

2) As my skin has enough oil, applying a 100% oil product would aggravate the oily condition further and result in the breakouts.

Well there you have it!

I’d love if you commented here with just one insight you learned.

Disclaimer: I do not receive any remuneration for this review from Seven Wonders. All opinions are my own.