15 Best Christmas Gifts 2015 for Back Pain

You don’t need to get the hottest or most unique Christmas gift to make your loved ones smile. Getting something that they value goes a longer way. Here’s why this list is here.

15 Best Christmas Gifts 2015 for Back Pain

According to a study conducted by the Singapore General Hospital, 7 of 10 Singaporeans reported experiencing pain in at least one of the body parts. The body part with the highest complaint of pain was neck (46%). Shoulder and low back pain came in a tie at 42% each.

Right now, you probably know of someone who is suffering from it. Pain will indeed spoil the mood of a happy season, if you or your loved ones are wearing a scowl on your faces when you should be enjoying yourselves.

Without further ado, you may want to look into these Christmas gifts first for your loved ones who need to alleviate their pain (or maybe for yourself :p).

Have a pain-free holiday!

Nayoya Acupressure Mat

15 Best Christmas Gifts for Back Pain - Acupressure Mat

You may not be into “self-torture” device but this is one mean item to stock in your fight against back pain. With 6,210 acupressure points, it improves blood circulation and reduces pain in the neck, shoulders, back, hips and joints. Users have even reported falling asleep while lying on it!

Find out more in our review here.

Where to Buy: Amazon.com
Price: est. SGD$100 (incl. shipping)

The Stick

15 Best Christmas Gifts for Back Pain - The Stick Self-Roller Massager

Get a “toothbrush” for your muscles! Like how you maintain your teeth against tooth decay by brushing them day and night, The Stick wants to be your daily companion to relieve muscle pain and trigger points.

It may not look like much, but this unassuming device packs some power. It helps to accelerates muscle recovery and disperses lactic acid following your workout. Definitely great for athletes too.

Find out more in our review here.

Where to Buy: Amazon.com
Price: est. SGD$52 (incl. shipping)

Thera Cane

15 Best Christmas Gifts for Back Pain - Thera Cane

With such a tagline “Live better and save money”, this is every pain-relief seeker’s dream. Thera Cane is a therapeutic self-massager that applies pressure to unravel those tight muscle knots. It has 7 strategically placed balls on the cane and you leverage one of them to break up the trigger points (tension) – even in hard-to-reach muscles e.g. between your shoulder blades.

Where to Buy: Amazon.com
Price: est. SGD$74 (incl. shipping)

Muscle Pain Relief Patches

15 Best Christmas Gifts for Back Pain - Muscle Pain Relief Patches

People in need of pain-relief are no stranger to muscle ache patches and those with more severe conditions use them almost daily. Although this may seem you didn’t put sufficient thought into buying a Christmas gift, getting this consumable for your loved ones can ease their pockets.

No need to let their wallets hurt, when they’re already hurting from pain. Just remember to get supply to last till the next Christmas and you repeat – they’ll love you for saving them money.

Where to Buy: Check your local convenience store / supermarket, Transact
Price: €35 for a pack of 10 (Transact)

Infrared / Electromagnetic Heating Lamp

15 Best Christmas Gifts for Back Pain - Heating Lamp

Heating lamps are a popular method in traditional Chinese medicine. By emitting heat, it improves circulation and can relieve your muscle tensions, stiffness and pain.

Where to Buy: Amazon.com, Taobao (In Mandarin), Progress Healthcare
Price: USD$160 (Amazon), From SGD$17 (Taobao)

Buddy Your Friend to Pilates

15 Best Christmas Gifts for Back Pain - Pilates

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. Sometimes we need someone to encourage each other. Pilates is all about controlling movements to strengthen those small muscles that you haven’t been using actively.

For example, your glute muscles are important in the support of your back. If you have weak back, you have weak glutes. Well, now you know, you will want to tighten your buttocks while you walk. It may be tougher than you think.

But hey, that’s what friends are for right? They’re the people who root for you. Let’s get stronger backs (and sexier buttocks) with pilates today.

For your reading pleasure: Lost Posture: Why Some Indigenous Cultures May Not Have Back Pain.

Find out more in our Pilates ActiveSG review.

Where to Go: ActiveSG, private studios, or fitness clubs
Price: SGD$118 for 12 sessions (ActiveSG)

Height-Adjustable Standing Desks

15 Best Christmas Gifts for Back Pain - Standing Desk
Airtouch by Steelcase

Sitting is the new smoking and we are sitting ourselves to death. Recognising the need to reduce the health risk of sitting, standing while doing work at home or in the office has been slowly catching on.

Getting one of these furniture could relieve your back pain. As a side benefit of standing, you also become more productive and awake. And, you could even slim down!

Where to Buy: Stand Desk (ship only within US at the moment), Aspirus (SG), UpDesk (ship internationally), Danish Design Co. (SG)
Price: From USD$399 (Stand Desk), From SGD$949 (Aspirus), From USD$890 (UpDesk)

Massage Treats

15 Best Christmas Gifts for Back Pain - Massage

After all the shopping and preparation for the Christmas season, your recipient will love this fantastic gift. It’s time to reward themselves for an outstanding job well done. Although spa centres can be found everywhere, it’s hard to tell which is good.

You won’t know if the therapists are good, until you visit them yourself or based on word-of-mouth. Don’t fret! Here are two centres that we have tried and given a thumbs-up. And you don’t have to visit high-end centres to enjoy a great massage. Knead away those stress and pain!

Where to Go: Green Apple Spa (Singapore), Soul Asia (Johor Bahru, Malaysia)
From $48 (Green Apple Spa), From RM$50 (Soul Asia)

Back Braces

15 Best Christmas Gifts for Back Pain - Back Brace

Braces go as far back as 2,000 B.C. with the lumbosacral corsets. While around the 500 A.D., bandage and splint braces were used to correct scoliosis. It seems people long time ago aren’t any different from us in the 21st century – low back pain issue transcends time.

Although back braces support the lower back, specialists do not recommend continuous use. Because continuous use can weaken the lumbar muscles. Instead, braces should only be put on when you’re involved in an action that could put your back at a risk.

Where to Buy: Amazon, Nikken
Price: USD$14.99 (Amazon)

Chiropractic Sessions

15 Best Christmas Gifts for Back Pain - Chiropractic

Chiropractic is a practice that has received both praises and flaks because some have seen positive results, while others haven’t. Our bodies are amazing, ever-changing beings. Besides biology, there are a lot of factors (such as trust, compliance and treatment duration) to affect the outcome. You can read on ‘How to Choose a Chiropractor in Singapore’ among other articles here.

Where to Go: See list of chiropractic clinics in Singapore
Price: From $50, depending on frequency

Electronic Pulse Massager Unit

15 Best Christmas Gifts for Back Pain - Electronic Pulse Massager

Muscle aches, soreness or stiffness can marred an otherwise happy season, especially if you’re out. Since you cannot cart the massage chair with you, you may want to look for something more mobile, like the electronic pulse massager.

It targets your pain precisely. Best of all, if your family or friends are also in dire need of pain-relief, you can easily share a node with them (if you’re not too anal about hygiene). In Chinese language there’s a saying “有福同享,有难同当” (you fu tong xiang, you nan tong dang) which means we share wealth and woe together. Christmas seems like a good time for pain-relief bonding.

Where to Buy: Amazon
Price: USD$32.49

Massage Pillow with Heat

15 Best Christmas Gifts for Back Pain - Massage Pillow with Heat

Heat always does the trick of warming up the hurting region to encourage blood circulation. Together with the circular kneading massage and vibration, it helps to soothe and loosen tight muscles.

Where to Buy: Amazon, OSIM
Price: USD$49.88, SGD$309 (OSIM)

The Posture Improving Saddle Seat

15 Best Christmas Gifts for Back Pain - Posture Improving Saddle Seat

If you haven’t ridden a horse before, now you can albeit on a seat that replicate the jockey’s healthy posture. Its shape raises the person into a semi-standing posture that discourages slouching, and this reduces back fatigue and discomfort, especially the back of the legs/buttocks region.

Where to Buy: Hammacher Schlemmer
Price: est. SGD$370 (incl. shipping)

Dr. Cohen’s acuBall

15 Best Christmas Gifts for Back Pain - acuBall

After finding success with a sports ball to ease his shoulder pain, Dr. Michael A. Cohen, a practicing Chiropractor and acupuncturist, was inspired to create his own “self-treatment massage ball” With that, Dr. Cohen’s acuBall was born. acuBall is hypoallergenic and completely non-toxic. It is also the only heatable ball!

Where to Buy: Dr. Cohen’s acuBall Official Website
Price: USD$29.90 (Dr. Cohen’s heatable acuBall)

Ankle Weights

15 Best Christmas Gifts for Back Pain - Ankle Weights

According to The Daily Mail UK, a Chinese man claimed to have cured his back pain by walking in his 200kg pair of huge iron shoes. Of course, we aren’t going to this extreme but probably there could be some truth in his claim.

If our buttocks are important to have a strong back as mentioned by American Council on Exercise (Build Strong Glutes And a Pain-Free Lower Back), then this Chinese man simply just found an ingenious way to strengthen his glute muscles.

A lot of us aren’t exercise enough (some of us could probably even hate exercising), so this will be relatively pain-free to introduce into our lifestyle. Besides, you need to shed those extra pounds gain during the Christmas’ merry-feasting, and walking is a great way to start.

Where to Buy: Lazada.sg, sports specialty outlets (e.g. World of Sports, Royal Sporting House)

15 Best Christmas Gifts for Back Pain - Weight Shoes

If your recipient isn’t into ankle weights, you can try gifting a pair of 12 kg or 20 kg shoes from Taobao (In Mandarin). It’s like your normal footwear, except now it’s a whole lot heavier.

Price: SGD$29.90 (Lazada.sg), RMB$480 (SGD$105) for 12 kg / RMB$780 (SGD$170) for 20 kg (Taobao, excl. shipping)