Cocowhite (UK) Review

Cocowhite Review - Box

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Tried & Tested

If you are looking to whiten your teeth, I’d say give this a miss. You may be better off visiting a dentist to get a professional teeth whitening procedure or you could live with less-than-ideal white (I refuse to say ‘yellow’ :p) teeth.

Although Cocowhite falls flat on the whiter teeth promise (and hype) for me, it does help in the speedy healing of mouth ulcers which fulfill their promise of a healthier mouth. However I believe coconut oil purchased from the supermarket could also do the same job – there’s really no need to spend a bomb on a designer product. Strip out the social marketing glitz, you will realise any coconut oil will smell just as sweet. 🙂

The Excitement

When I learned about Cocowhite from 2015 Shopify Build a Business Competition, I was over the moon because they could be my solution to whiter teeth. I have heard so much about oil pulling that I even bought a 120ml of 100% extra virgin coconut oil from the supermarket before knowing about Cocowhite. And when Cocowhite came along, I put the coconut oil on hold.

Although Cocowhite stated that “coconut oil can be quite bitter” on their website, I’d say there isn’t much difference between using them and pure coconut oil, except that theirs are infused with in three flavourings – Mint, Light Lemon & Vanilla.  You could either get one flavour, or a mix of all three flavours in a box.

Cocowhite Review - Flavours

The Results

Since UK is far from Singapore, I bought the 4 weeks course (SGD$75 for 28 sachets) so as to save on shipping. 1 sachet is for one-time use. I tried for two weeks continuously for 10 mins before bed. Sad to say, I don’t see my teeth becoming whiter.

Cocowhite Review - Sachets

I was somewhat disappointed that it didn’t work as hyped, so I gave away the remaining 14 sachets to my mother and brother for them to try.

Although it didn’t whiten my teeth as I’d have expected, my mother noticed that her mouth ulcers healed much faster – in record time two days! It goes to show that swirling coconut oil does get rid of bacteria. It’s not an entirely lost cause after all.

I usually review on the product for what it was originally advertised and this time there were this side benefit. If you’re still mulling over whether to try them, there’s something you also need to know about their courier service. I believe this is not a standard, but you’ll have to manage your expectations.

UK to SG Shipping Hiccups

Just to keep my emotions in check, I wrote this review months after my order came so I could be as objective as possible on the product. Here’s what happened between the order placed on 15 July 2015 and when I eventually received the items on 06 August 2015:

Based on the tracking number, I noticed my package reached Singapore on 17 July which was way too fast because they’ve indicated in the email that it will be 5-10 working days for worldwide delivery.

I waited 5-6 business days to email Cocowhite, so as to ensure I’m not striking up a false alarm. I was worried that the package was being held up at customs, as the status was still showing “The parcel is undergoing customs clearance.”

After that, they replied saying the package was being held at the customs for several weeks. Because customs won’t allow it to go on air and it can only be sent by cargo, which will incur additional charge. It was £110.25 based on a minimum charge for weight between 0 kg and 45 kg.

I almost fell off my chair when I saw the quotation and Cocowhite asked if I’d like to have it returned to their warehouse since it was terribly expensive.

I didn’t understand. If the status indicated that the package is at Singapore customs, it’d mean the items have already reached Singapore by air. Why is there a need to pay for sea freight? I could only think of one explanation: their courier service served up the wrong information and the package is still in UK.

As I was so looking forward to get the items, I proposed to use my freight forwarder and requested for the weight and dimensions of the package to get a quotation. If this solution fails, Cocowhite could refund me.

In the next email, they wrote back saying that their courier has issues delivering to my location and they will proceed for refund.

At that point, I was disappointed with Cocowhite because first, they didn’t attempt to try my solution or counter propose one that could see me getting my items and second, it will be right to indicate on the website before I even placed the order that their courier service couldn’t fulfill delivery to this region.

After I got my refund, my mom told me nonchalantly one fine day on 06 August during dinner time that I had a package from UK. I was shocked. I couldn’t believe my ears! All the trouble and it arrived after 17 business days (it’s high time they change the delivery expectation days for this part of the world in their email).

It also bewildered me – If Cocowhite has processed the refund, I’d assume that the package will have been returned to their warehouse. Since I received the items and I couldn’t live with myself for dishonesty, I paid for them. After exchange rate conversion, it was higher than my refund.

Well that’s it – all the legwork and the package was probably on its way to Singapore by air!

If you ask me, will I repurchase? Unfortunately, it’s a ‘No’. I can do without the flavours. It’s too much of a hassle for something that I could get in Singapore at a lower cost and for the same efficacy.

How about you? After reading my experience, will you purchase from Cocowhite? Comment below!