Who Else Wants to See a Good TCM Physician?

Updated: 07 August, 2017

Since I’m pursuing a Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), some friends would sometimes ask if I can recommend any good TCM physicians.

Most recommendations below are not from me, but from various sources. I’ll be sure to indicate those that I have visited. Usually good TCM physicians are known based on word-of-mouth (I hope I can reach to this level!).

Thank you to my financial advisor for HongYi TCM HealthCare, Iris Reflex Wellness & Miu Jong Medical Hall, my colleague for Yong Kang Medical Hall, my friend LM for Chinatown Chinese Medical Center & Chau Poh Clinic and my mom for Sian Chay Medical Institution.

TCM Clinics (in alphabetical order)

BaoJian Shiuen Traditional Medical Care
Blk 123 Toa Payoh Lorong 1 #01-495
Tel: 6356 6921 (Please call to make an appointment)
Consultation Hours: 9 am – 12 pm; 2 – 5 pm; 6 – 9 pm (Mon – Fri); 9 am – 12.30 pm (Sat & Sun); Closed on Wed & Public Holiday
Physician: Mr Yen Yoong Leong

I fell ill on the first day we moved to Toa Payoh. I had very bad shivers, fever and body ache. The corner of my eyes were also red and painful. It was a very long wait for my first visit as it was a Saturday. However on the second visit on a weekday night after work, it was faster. He learnt that I am studying TCM at the same college he graduated from (my senior) and we talked for about an hour since there weren’t any patients after me. My 2nd $30 is totally worth it, but I was so hungry. LOL.

Chinatown Chinese Medical Center
Blk 34 Upper Cross Street #01-156
Tel: 6534 2919
Consultation Hours: 10 am – 8 pm (Mon, Fri); 10 am – 6 pm (Tue, Wed, Sat); Avoid lunchtime 1 – 2 pm; Closed on Sunday & Public Holiday
Physician: Ms Fu Ziyun 付梓云 (Masters in TCM)

LM’s friend recommended this clinic for gynaecology as she wants to have energy during pregnancy. Ms Fu is my lecturer for Chinese Medicinal Herbs module this and next term (2017 Jul – 2018 Jun). An honour to be in her class!

Chau Poh Clinic 招宝医务所
5 Siang Kuang Avenue
Tel: 6280 9970
Consultation Hours: Please call to ask. With effect from 22 August, 2017 to 19 September, 2017, they will only operate on Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat & Sun at 10 am – 12 pm and everyday 6 – 8 pm.
Physician: Mr Lim Chin Siang

LM decided to visit this clinic during her pregnancy instead. It is operated by Mr Lim, his son and wife. Another of our mutual friend went and said “he is good” They recommend to go in the afternoon when the elder physician is around. My mom called the clinic up and the lady (presume to be the wife) said he is around the entire day. Well to be sure, just call to confirm.

HongYi TCM HealthCare
16 Arumugam Road #01-03 Lion Building D
Tel: 6284 0897
Physicians: Mr Siong S.H. & Mdm Elyane Lau

As a couple team, Mr Siong specialises in spinal tuina, while Mdm Lau specialises in internal medicine (detects internal imbalances through pulse taking) & acupuncture.

Iris Reflex Wellness
101 Upper Cross Street #05-27 People’s Park Centre
Tel: [Appointments are arranged via his mobile no. As it could be his private no., please email me to ask]
Physician: Mr Su Bin

He specialises in the diagnosis of medical conditions through the iris (the colored part of the eye). Suitable for health maintenance and preventive care. You can go to him if you want to get rid of bad cholesterol in the blood and hidden cholesterol in the brain (stroke) and heart (attack).

Chinese herbs in glass containers at medicinal hall

Miu Jong Medical Hall
Blk 302 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3 #01-1844
Tel: 6458 8352
Physician: Mr Ong Ah Yong “Wang Ya Xiong”

He specialises in any type of sickness or pain. My advisor recommended him for fast and immediate relief, subject to the nature of your condition.

Interestingly, I found a blog that talks about him as the 4th generation of Wong Fei Hong’s disciple. He claims to know to how to do operations, including on animals, and remove bullets! I believe in what he said. How do you think his father and all the past Chinese people survive in China for 5,000 years before opening the country to the outside world for trade? Seriously, you gotta have skills beyond internal medicine, isn’t it?

Sian Chay Medical Institution
11 various clinics islandwide (Please check their website for the addresses, telephone nos. and physicians)

My mom & sister-in-law visit the Jalan Kayu branch for tuina and acupuncture. Under my mom’s recommendation, my cousin also now visits them – she goes to the Geylang branch. Sian Chay Medical Institution is a 115-year-old charity organisation that offers free TCM consultation.

Medication and services like tuina and acupuncture are at a nominal fee for the general masses but I think they will waive it if a person is so poor that he/she even has problems with three meals (there are still indeed folks in Singapore like that…mostly eat rice or have only one or two meals a day).

As they depend on public and corporate donations to provide their services, so while you’re there, please also offer your generosity! It is because of people giving back to the community that they can continue their services till this day.

Yong Kang Medical Hall
Blk 78A Telok Blangah Street 32 #01-05
Tel: 6272 6400 (Please always call the clinic on the day itself that you’re visiting because they’re known to close, even though they should be open according to their opening hours. I’m not sure why the erratic timing!)
Physician: Dr. Ong Swee Ling, Ph.D. of Medicine (TCM)

I’d say she specialises in eczema. Just look at the number of patient cases she put up!

Zheng Xin Tang TCM Clinic
Blk 125 Toa Payoh Lorong 1 #01-539
Tel: 6258 4929
Facebook page
Physician: Mr Kelvin Zheng

We stumbled upon this clinic while we were staying in Toa Payoh temporarily. He is my mom’s best-friend-forever now. She goes to see him regularly for her old age aches and pains as well as stomach problems. Meanwhile, my Dad visits for the tuina.

Recently, my left temple ached for three days. I also spit out dark green/brown smelly phlegm frequently – a sign of infection because my white blood cells are fighting and dying like nobody’s business. When I pressed hard on my cheek bone, it hurt. I don’t have any other typical symptoms like fever, body ache, cough or runny nose, so it’s not cold or flu. I decided that western medicine is probably not going to do much, so I visited Mr Zheng. Contrary to general belief that TCM treatment is slow, his medicine relieved my symptoms in a day. In 3 days, I recovered entirely. No more being like a phlegm factory! LOL.

Have You Visited Any of Them Before?

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