Lingzhi – A Powerful Guard for Your Health

I have been taking Lingzhi since August 2015. I started my Traditional Chinese Medicine degree course in July 2016 and exactly about a year ago in December 2017, I decided to take my employer’s therapeutic probiotics called Vivomixx (You can get it here at Guardian; I take 1 capsule daily for maintenance), together with Lingzhi (4 capsules daily for maintenance), to enhance my immune system as my schedule is simply too damn crazy and is wreaking havoc on my well-being.

I discovered that the two worked synergistically so well (Lingzhi must be a great prebiotics for the good bacteria) that I didn’t use any medical leave at all for a year. I was pretty shocked because this has never happened before. Anyway, this is for another story.

In June 2018, Shuang Hor Taiwan Nutritionist, Ms. Cheng Yu Chi, held a talk in Singapore and Malaysia. I attended the Mandarin session in Singapore. As I have recorded her talk (for those who understand Chinese), I will share it in due time.

In the meantime, below is the excerpt.

Extracted from Shuang Hor Magazine, October 2018:

Shuang Hor CEO Mr. Johnson Ku, describes Ganoderma as being akin to the soldiers of the ancient Rome, who were armed with spears and shields as they engaged in a warfare with their adversary. This is because apart from its anti-inflammation attributes, another crucial efficacy of Ganoderma is disease prevention.

He also stresses that the health-giving benefits of Ganoderma are not limited only to serve the sick and weak, but contribute to general health care and holistic wellness as a form of preventive medicine as well. He also reveals that the R&D team of Shuang Hor has embarked on exploring the feasibility of developing the next generation of Ganoderma products that feature even more supreme efficacy in the foreseeable future.

Together with Shuang Hor CEO Mr. Johnson Ku, she paid a special visit to Malaysia towards the end of June. During the trip, Mr. Johnson Ku conducted 2 sessions of Product Study Camp entitled Lingzhi, as a powerful guard for your health, which were held at KL and JB respectively. The event instantly caught the attention of the local fellow Shuang Horeans, with the registration quota all fully grabbed up hardly several days after its announcement!

The Limitations of Modern Medication

In her presentation, Ms. Cheng Yu Chi expounded on Ganoderma’s amazing anti-inflammation attributes. According to her explanation, the wellness of the human body can, by definition, be categorized into 3 statuses. Perhaps, the masses are just too familiar with the first two, namely “health” and “illness”. The third one, “sub-health” is however the category that the great majority of us fall under.

The “sub-health status”, or SHS in short, is a manifestation of the so-called bodily inflammation of various sorts. The most commonly seen discomforts associated with SHS include fatigue, obesity, aching pains in the shoulder and neck, headache, insomnia, stomach-ache, gout, periodontal disease, hair loss, and the long list goes on.

Though these discomforts are far from life-threatening on the short term, they are nonetheless the tell-tale signs that forewarn a certain functional degeneration already taking place in your body! Worse yet, most people tend to regard the repercussion of SHS as something trifle, while in fact it can gradually and surely deteriorate into various forms of chronic health problems, such as heart diseases, diabetes, liver complaints, stroke, paralysis, cancers, and you name it.

She went on to point out that modern medication is known for its limitations, as it more often than not treats the symptoms instead of the diseases per se. Take such health problems as headache and bloating for instance: the discomfort may be relieved for a while, but it is likely to recur with an even higher threshold of pain tolerance. In other words, modern medication actually offers more of a stopgap therapy rather than a radical cure!

Ganoderic Acids – The DNA of Ganoderma

On this respect, she further elaborated that Lingzhi or Ganoderma functions like an efficient team of firefighters who help put down the ‘flames’, or the so-called inflammation, of an undetermined origin creating havocs in our body. Ganoderma features 2 very important groups of bioactive components, namely Ganoderic Acids (triterpenoids) and high molecular weight Polysaccharides, both of which exhibit remarkable anti-inflammatory efficacies but through 2 entirely different pathways.

While Ganoderic Acids act directly on inflammations to alleviate inflammatory discomforts, high molecular weight Polysaccharide work indirectly on modulating the functions of our autoimmune cells to mitigate a flare of inflammation. That means these 2 major bioactive components of Ganoderma are indispensable of each other in order to achieve complete anti-inflammation efficacy.

When our body is in a sub-health status, what happens is there are 2 opposite forces engaging in a tug of war – one that takes place between the body’s healing power (to repair) and an underlying causative factor (to inflame). If the on-going inflammatory damage is left unchecked, the sub-health status will soon develop into illness status. On the other hand, following the consumption of Ganoderma, its repair action will prevail over the inflammation damage, and the equilibrium will shift towards the health status, thus paving the way for progressive recovery.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Ganoderma Product

In the final analysis, Ms. Cheng Yu Chi remarked that we can refer to Ganoderic Acids as the DNA of Ganoderma. However, laboratory tests on many of the so-called Ganoderma products sold in the market today have revealed undetectable content of Ganoderic Acids in their composition, and this explains their less than satisfactory efficacy in addressing inflammation damage.

As for the Ganoderma products painstakingly researched and developed by Shuang Hor, qualitative inspections of the highest benchmark are put in place to ensure that both Ganoderic Acids and high molecular weight Polysaccharides are present in adequate amounts before any given batch of the raw material is considered fit for production.

In essence, this serves as a critical step to safeguard consistent product efficacy that contributes to restoring holistic wellness! Other than regular consumption of Ganoderma, she also recommended combined regimen of supplementing it with Yung Kien Pollen for maximised health-giving benefits. Universally recognised as being the “Powerhouse of Nutrition”, pollen is rich in a complete spectrum of trace elements essentially needed by the human body to energise the body cells and maintain all of our normal physiological functions.