Sharon Lee
Why hello there, I’m Sharon.

With this blog, I serve people who are looking for a way to reduce pain and lead a healthier life. I remind them to bring more balance in body and mind into their lives.

Besides health matters, I also develop a keen interest in skincare products and services.

When you look and feel great inside-out, you will also live great.

I have over 10 years experience as a marketer and award-winning graphic designer in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. And I’m Inbound Certified by HubSpot Academy.

Inbound Certified - HubSpot Academy

When I’m not blogging or designing, I sing at Church of St. Bernadette, play Japanese games or travel. A few of my recommended spots for traveling are Alaska, Greece, Italy and well of course, Japan – my second motherland.

I’m a polyglot of 4 languages – English, Mandarin, Japanese and Hokkien (Dialect), and I currently live in Singapore. After work, I’m currently pursuing a 7-year Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine (expected graduation in 2023).

Want to know more? Here are 5 random things about me…

  • I love eating braised pig intestines, kidneys and liver.
  • I had a pet grasshopper when I was 11.
  • I lived in Tokyo, Japan for 1 year and I blogged about it here.
  • I survived 16 hours at rough seas on a cargo ship bounded for Okinawa.
  • I could have died when tree branches came crashing down within inches from my feet, while I was walking along Singapore’s most popular shopping district – Orchard Road.

You can reach me at or via the form. Say Hello!

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