What is the Best Exercise to Lose Weight at Home?

Best Exercise to Lose Weight at Home

Best Exercise to Lose Weight at Home for who don’t have the time or the opportunity to go to gyms and gymnasiums to exercise. So they are looking for a home gym workout that does not take much time and does not require any additional sports equipment. This is to maintain their slimness, slim body and weight loss.

In the next report, we will highlight the best exercise to lose weight at home fast and easy to broadcast activity and vitality and at the same time contribute to reducing your weight and burning fat and strengthen your muscles under the pressures of every day may suffer at home.

Just practice each exercise for 30 seconds or a minute, and repeat the program as much as your time and energy allow you to do so.

It is useful exercises to tighten the muscles of the stomach and the lower back:

  1. Take your hands and toes and lift your butt to the top and lower your head between your hands and take the V character of your body as the picture shows you.
  2. Shave your head inward and then outward slightly with the extension of the muscles of the feet.


  • Exercise for muscles of Feet and Stomach

The best exercise to lose weight at home which targets the muscles of the feet and stomach:

  1. Lie down on the floor and fully measure your body on the ground with your hands near your body.
  2. Put your feet together, lift them up high and close them towards your stomach, then lower them towards the ground and move again.
  • Best Relax Exercise for Abdominal muscles at home

You can benefit from the best exercise to lose weight at hometo relax your abdominal muscles and target your thighs and lower back:

  1. Lie on your stomach, face down, and your arms in front of you.
  2. Lift your chest slightly up and legs.
  • Sculpt and Tighten Exercises for the Whole body

Best Exercise to lose weight at home helps to sculpt and tighten the thighs and target the whole body:

  1. Take the position of the basic Squat Ethnic knees.
  2. Lower your body slightly and back your ass back.
  3. Jump up in the air with your feet elongated.
  4. Return to the first movement and repeat the movement.
  • Body Balance best exercise to lose weight at home

The following exercise is the best exercise to lose weight at home and body sculpting and maintain the balance of the body:

  1. First stop straight and lift your right or left foot from the ground.
  2. Keep this position and then fell towards the ground and stand with your hands the ground.
  3. Jump on one foot to the back and take the position of the Push-Up.
  4. Repeat the movements in contrast with the province on your feet raised, and do not forget to repeat the exercise itself to the second foot.
  • Arms best exercise at home

This best exercise to lose weight at home targets all the muscles of the body and is especially useful for the loss of fat accumulated around the arms:

  1. Lower the body and stick to your four limbs, as in the push-ups position.
  2. Perform a quick pressure exercise, lift your right knee, bring it to your left elbow.
  3. Move back to the other side.
  • Best Exercise to Burn Calories

The best exercise to lose weight at home andto more burn calories:

  1. You can use the rope when you do this exercise by jumping high with all your strength.
  2. Jump in your place as much as you can without the need for a suit.

We all hope to find the best exercise to lose weight at home without having to go to gyms or commit to intensive exercise sessions, especially as some blame the hot weather in the summer, feeling tired and low energy or busy with holidays and enjoying the family.

  • Balance maintenance exercise to lose weight

The best exercise to lose weight at home will help you to maintain balance:

  1. Put the pillow on the floor, dice it with your right foot, lift your left foot off the ground.
  2. Bend the knee 90 degrees in front of you.
  3. Lower towards the pillow in the same position and put your left foot back so that you also touch your left hand.
  4. 30 seconds and then switch the foot for another 30 seconds.
  • Hands Stretch best exercise to lose weight at home

  1. Hold the pillow between your hands.
  2. Stand straight and stretch your hands at the same level as your shoulders.
  3. Take a big step backward, bend the second foot at 90 degrees in the front.
  4. Tilt your body just to the right and north respectively, keeping your hands flat.
  • Exercise Blanc Position for losing weight

  1. Take the position of the Blanc.
  2. Push your body away from the ground and lift your entire body weight onto your knees and arms.
  3. Put a magazine in front of you and then for 30 seconds, turn the pages of the magazine with your right hand.
  4. Stop, then turn with your left hand the pages again for 30 seconds.
  • Abdominal Fat exercise to lose weight

The best exercise to lose weight at home in the group and specifically target abdominal fat.

  1. Tightening the muscles of your abdomen.
  2. Relax and then tighten again.
  3. You can do this exercise anywhere, in the office or in the car and stuck in the traffic jam, in the kitchen, while preparing food. This exercise can help you get a tight tummy.
  • Teeth Brush exercise at home to lose weight

Brush your teeth helps you lose weight.

  1. When you clean your teeth in front of a mirror, lift one of your feet and put on one foot for 30 seconds, then the second foot.

Some benefit Tips to have the best exercise to lose weight at home:

  1. Walking is one of the best exercises ever, which allows you to lose fat and grease in the body quickly and maintain the integrity of the body and health and out of your negative energies and change them positive.
  2. Do not forget that drinking water or fresh juice is very important during rest during exercise, to prevent the occurrence of dehydration due to lack of body fluids during exercise.
  3. The bike exercise helps you dissolve fat in the body, especially in the abdomen, buttocks, and buttocks, as it tightens the skin’s elbows with thighs and legs and the elimination of cellulite.
  4. Belly Exercise helps very much in losing the abdominal fat, suctioning it and getting a flat stomach, which you can place anywhere in the house where it does not occupy much space. It also benefits you in strengthening the lower, middle and upper abdominal muscles.
  5. You can also do belly exercise yourself by sleeping on the back and then doing the above with the legs on the ground and do not move them to be full pressure on the muscles of the abdomen, this exercise will enable the disappearance of fat around the abdomen magically and will not be able to do away with it where it will show you a wonderful result during Only two weeks.

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