Effective 6 Tips for Weight Loss in Children

Weight Loss in Children

Weight Loss in Children

Weight Loss in Children is clear that there is a successful way to help reduce the child’s weight.

In the first place, children’s eating habits and the quality of food they eat cause them to become obese, so you should monitor your child’s weight since childhood.

Weight Loss for Kids

Your child’s weight increases and you try to find a way to weight loss for kids to follow a diet? Here are some tips for making food change for the entire family.

  1. Obesity in children and the difficulty of weight loss for kids is a problem of taking it up. There are a variety of reasons for this phenomenon.
  2. Facing difficulty of weight loss for kids because of the frequent sitting as the increase in the number of television channels and the preoccupation with the Internet and social networks.
  3. he problem of obesity in children in the world is increasing, which increases the risk of serious diseases in later life, such as diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.
  4. All this leads us to seek the necessary and immediate solution – to prevent, or rather, to treat obesity in our children . Ways to weight loss for kids variety are important to maintain for a long period of time to get the desired change:

The method of change in order to reduce the weight loss for kids .. Start at home !!

1. Procurement

  • Eat healthy and varied foods help in weight loss in children, especially low-fat and sugary foods, such as vegetables of various colors, fruits, whole grains, whole grain bread, low-fat dairy products (up to 5%) and legumes.
  • Buy products that contain vitamins and minerals that are important to your child’s development and development and weight loss.Calcium – for example can be found in milk products, raw tahini made from whole sesame and green vegetables.Iron – found in meat, poultry and legumes of all kinds.

2. Be an example for your child

  • Dear parents, remember that your children imitate you. The way you eat, drink and behave is seen by children as the right way to behave and eventually your children will behave like you too.
  • Accordingly, it is important to set a good example for your child: Eat healthy foods too and choose to drink water, all of these leads to weight loss in children.

3. Family changes habits

  • Do not let your child feel that he is eating differently from the rest of the family, as that’s will not help in weight loss in children
  • Adopt correct eating patterns at home and make sure that all family members are partners in this change.Be sure to have at least one family meal a day.

4. Register with your child a list of favorite foods and health

  • Ensure that most of the food he will eat during the day is known and predetermined in order to weight loss in children.
  • The best way to help in weight loss for kids is to take care of the school with a good and healthy breakfast as well as healthy day-round snacks such as fruits and vegetables.

5. Avoid mentioning the term “dieting” in front of the child or talking to him about his weight

  • Be sure to choose the habits you earn as part of your education at home to Weight Loss in Children.
  • Also talk about the child’s weight in front of him, can be a problem later and in extreme cases can lead to eating disorders and makes you failed to follow the correct way for weight loss in children.

6. “All the kids jump, dance …” Is that true?

  • Set hours to make your children more active: enroll them in active sessions, take them out for walking, play with them, or anything else that requires energy.
  • Dear Parents, Remember that Weight Loss in Children change is in your hands!

Weight Loss Programs for Kids

Can eliminate the weight of the excess child through a healthy weight loss programs for kids, and we will teach you on that.

Breakfast in these weight loss programs for kids is fixed for all days as follows:

  • First day in weight loss programs for kids
  1. Breakfast: Three tablespoons of oatmeal, Five tablespoons of cornflakes, a cup of non-fat milk, a grain of fruit, and a cup of skimmed milk after two hours of breakfast, or a grain of fruit.
  2. Lunch:Five tablespoons of boiled pasta, a plate of green salad, and a plate of boiled vegetables, and you can eat a cup of non-fat milk, or a grain of fruit after two hours at lunch.
  3. Dinner: Includes a piece of non-fat cheddar cheese with a toast slice.
  • Second day
  1. Lunch: A plate of chicken kofta with vegetables. Eight almonds or peanuts can be eaten after two hours of lunch.
  2. Dinner: A tray of oil-free tuna and a toast.
  • Third day
  1. Lunch: Two pieces of pizza full of vegetables, containing a very small amount of cheese, and a salad dish.
  2. Dinner: Includes luncheon, and a piece of toast.
  • Fourth day
  1. Lunch: chicken pans, a tablespoon of yogurt, a potato chip of piore, garlic, vinegar, and a salad dish.
  2. Dinner: Four tablespoons of corn flakes, and a cup of nonfat milk.
  • Fifth day
  1. Lunch: chest of grilled chicken, a plate of salad.
  2. Dinner: a piece of toast, a piece of boiled egg, and a cup of non-fat yogurt.
  • Sixth day
  1. Lunch: a dish of pasta with meat and vegetables, and a plate of salads.
  2. Dinner: a glass of yogurt, or orange juice.
  • Seventh day
  1. Lunch: a tray of oil-free tuna, a plate of salad, and two pieces of toast.
  2. Dinner: 1 cup of skimmed yoghurt and a piece of boiled potato.

Weight Loss Diet for Kids

Children follow a diet that is most difficult for mothers, especially if their child or daughter is suffering from obesity. For weight loss in children, there are weight loss programs for kids that you can follow:

1.Specific time for eating

Eating three regular meals a day with some snacks will help you meet weight loss in children nutritional needs.


Use one of the foods that provide protein for your child, whether in the form of animals such as red and white, dairy products, eggs or vegetable form.

3.Vegetables and fruits

In addition, this is useful in fat burning because its calories are low, which helps to weight loss in children and feeling full to contain vegetables and fruits on a large percentage of fiber.


Try to play sports and make your child participate in them as it helps to weight loss in children, like zombies, dancing, jogging and other sports.

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