Highest 9 Harmful Upper Left Quadrant Pain Radiating To Back and Methods of Treatments

Upper Left Quadrant Pain Radiating To Back

Upper Left Quadrant Pain Radiating To Back :

Some people experience Upper Left Quadrant Pain Radiating To Back, which is due to many reasons. Learn the most important in the following article.

The Upper Left Quadrant Region is the region where the ribs connect to the vertebrae right and left, and the presence of these ribs ensures support and stability in the cervical vertebrae area.

Upper Left Quadrant Pain Radiating To Back maintain the health of the vertebrae and reduces the chances of a herniated disc, but this does not mean that this region does not suffer from health problems and pain.

Causes of the Left Upper Quadrant Pain and Treatments


A- Severe stress on the back

This occurs as a result of severe bruising, as this leads to an effect on the ligaments, tendons, and muscles, and the person feels the presence of muscle tension.

  • Treatment

Exercise to treat muscle tightening, take medications for stretching, and massage the affected area with thermal applications.

B- Nerve injury

The nerves responsible for skin sensation are affected by many infections that result in severe upper left quadrant pain radiating to back, such as the chickenpox virus that affects the roots of the spinal nerves.

  • Treatment

Many medications help eliminate the chickenpox virus, such as calamine.

C- Sciatica

Sciatica is caused by intense pressure on the nerves, or because of prolonged sitting.

  • Treatment
  1. Injecting medications that are most helpful for relieving upper left quadrant pain radiating to back.
  2. There are oral medications.
  3. There are difficult situations in which surgical intervention may be taken to get rid of that pain.

D- Spinal bone tension

Irritations in the spine lead to pain in the individual bones that make up the spine.

  • Treatment
  1. Anti pain medications.
  2. Highlight the place of pain, pressure.
  3. Simple surgeries to quickly improve the condition.

E- Tumors

Tumors in the spinal cord, spine, or pelvic tumors can lead to severe, localized pain, and these tumors can be malignant or benign.

  • Treatment

Many medications help to treat tumors, and these tumors are usually discovered by:

  1. Nuclear scans
  2. Magnetic Resonance
  3. Photo scans
  4. X-ray

Here are the main reasons that lead to theLeft Upper Quadrant Pain Radiating To Back

1- Upper Left Quadrant Pain Radiating To Back cause by a health problem in another place

The upper left quadrant area can be affected by the shoulder and arm pain as well as the lower back, as all of these areas, are bound together.

And if any infections in the joints and ligaments occur, it will lead toleft upper quadrant pain radiating to back.

2- Sitting in the wrong way causes Upper Left Quadrant Pain Radiating To Back

Especially for people who use the computer permanently, or sit on a smartphone, directing their eyes down for long periods.

This all affects the upper left quadrant pain radiating to back area, as the pain can extend to the lower back and neck.

The explanation for this is that sitting and staring at the computer causes pressure on the chest muscles and extending the upper back muscles, and this can lead to muscle spasms in the area between the shoulders.

3- Upper Left Quadrant Pain Radiating To Back lead to Muscle contraction on both sides of the spine

Another cause of the left upper quadrant pain is from above and can be detected by performing rays on the back.

4- Sleeping in the wrong position leads to Upper Left Quadrant Pain Radiating To Back

Keeping the neck all night in the wrong position will lead to upper left quadrant pain in the cervical vertebrae and the upper back area as well.

Excessive stress and intense exercise, along with inflexibility, will lead to the same result.

5- Exposure to cold waves lead to Upper Left Quadrant Pain Radiating To Back

Also, left upper quadrant paincan cause severe cold in the upper back area, especially after being in a warm place and then suddenly exposed to cold.

6- Upper Left Quadrant Pain Radiating To Back responsible for Colon problems

There is a relationship between colon problems and upper left quadrant pain radiating to back, as the swelling and constipation that the patient suffers from put pressure on the vertebrae, causing irritation and tension in the nerves, and feeling pain.

In general, it can lead to constipation and difficulty defecating in back pain.

7- Infection with the influenza causes left upper quadrant pain

Where the common cold and influenza affects all bones of the body, including the left upper quadrant pain, especially if the body temperature is high and coughing causes pain when they occur.

8- Shortness of breath

When taking a deep breath and feeling pain in the upper left quadrant, this may mean the possibility of shortness of breath or pulmonary embolism, as blood flow weakens and dysfunction of the lung tissue occurs.

Also, the pain in the upper back is one of the symptoms of a puncture of the lung.

9 – Left Upper Quadrant Pain Radiating To Back because ofPainful injury

Such as falling on the back or colliding with a solid object, this can lead to left upper quadrant pain, and then the pain increases in the event of movement, and you need a doctor’s examination to make sure there is no tear or fracture.

How to PreventLeft Upper Quadrant Pain Radiating To Back

There are many methods that can be followed in order to prevent back pain and help prevent recurrence of back pain. Among these methods are the following:

  • If you are overweight, you must lose weight to reduce loads on the back.
  • You have to follow a healthy diet rich in calcium.
  • Avoid standing or sitting for a long time without changing your body position.
  • Do light exercise, such as walking, which is great for getting rid of body pain.
  • Do not carry heavy objects and avoid leaning forward.

Finally, you must take care of your health and do not be complacent when you feel pain on the left side of the body, this pain may be due to simple reasons, we must be very careful and consult the doctor treating the necessary analyzes to find out the source of this pain.

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