Back Pain Between Shoulder Blades: How To Diagnose And How To Treat

Back Pain Between Shoulder Blades How To Diagnose And How To Treat

The number of people suffering from back pain between shoulder blades has grown in a dramatic manner over the years. There are 2 very common causes for shoulder pain, they are strained muscles, and bad posture. However, These 2 common causes are not the only causes of shoulder blades pain.

Additionally as a rights reserved, you should know that sometimes an organ failure may be the underlying cause behind your upper back pain, if that is the case, you need medical attention.

Firstly, what is back pain between shoulder blades symptoms?:

It is very important to know the symptoms of thoracic spine back pain between the shoulder blades in order to distinguish it from other kinds of back pains. This pain will make you suffer from suffering from a burning ache or stabbing sensation. Also, knowing the symptoms will make it easy for your chiropractor to Identify the underlying cause of your pain.

The symptoms are:

  1. The most common symptom of shoulder pain is experiencing acute short and sharp ache between thoracic spine, shoulder blades, the ache lasts for weeks or even months.
  2. The pain originates from between shoulder blade area, is radiated to your arm and neck.
  3. You may experience sharp stabbing pain, and this pain lingers.
  4. You might also feel some kind of soreness when you take your breath or put your chin on your chest.
  5. Also, stretching shoulder blades’ muscles may cause pain.

Secondly,  The underlying causes behind back pain between shoulder blades, and the cure for some of them:


1.Biliary Colic:

Biliary Colic is a medical condition, it happens when a gallstone blocks a bile duct, this causes a severe pain radiates to the right shoulder.

You may experience biliary colic after eating a fatty meal.

The symptoms are: sever ache near the abdomen, that ache radiates to your upper back. Besides the pain, you may also experience vomiting and nausea.

Biliary colic cure:

If you have this, you will undergo a four type medication treatment process, consists of:

  • antibiotics,
  • NSAIDs,
  • anti-nausea pills,
  • and spasm fighter.

To cure biliary colic and upper back pain, you will have to undergo the cleansing process, that is performed through oral dissolution therapy.

2.Spinal Issues

Back pain between shoulder blades has many potential causes, however, thoracic spine issues form a great percentage of these causes. There are two spinal dilemmas that may cause back pain between shoulder: swollenness of facet joints, and herniated discs.

a.Swollenness Of Facet Joints:

The facet joints are responsible for many movements (bending and turning e.g).

When facet joints are used too often, or in an aggressive manner, they will end up damaged or swollen, which leads to pain in the upper back between shoulder blades.


If your facet joints are swollen and cause you back pain between the shoulder, you will need a “nerve blocking” procedure.

In case the condition is not severe your chiropractor will prescribe muscle relaxers and painkillers, and it is advisable to avoid sudden movement, and to maintain proper posture.

b.Herniated Discs:

The spinal discs are pads that are filled with fluid, these pads are located between the vertebrae in the spinal columns. These pads are shock absorbers.

Over time the fluid in these pads becomes more solid, and they become more prone to injury.

When they are injured, we get back pain between shoulder blades.


If the condition is not severe only some spine-enhancing exercises and proper posture will be a good cure.

But, if it is a severe condition you will need pain medication and anti-inflammatory injection to alleviate the pain.

Surgery is not highly recommended, as it has many risks.

3.Acid Reflux:

Acid reflux is also a major underlying cause behind back pain around shoulder blades.

But, acid reflux is a condition that weakens the valve that is holding food and stomach acids in the stomach, how does it cause back pain between the shoulder?

The acid reflux makes you experience chest pain after eating, and during the night while you are sleeping the pain will radiate into the area between the shoulder blades.


You can treat this condition with over-the-counter acid neutralizers, in case it is not severe. But, in a severe condition, you will need a powerful medical prescription.

4.Gallbladder Disease:

It is not a widely considered underlying cause behind back pain around shoulder blades. So, how does gallbladder disease cause upper back pain?

Firstly, the gallbladder is a small organ located in the upper right quadrant of the abdomen.

This small organ aids digestion. Gallbladder disease causes both: poor digestion, and back pain between shoulder blades. People who have weight issues, and they are over 40 years are more likely to have gallbladder disease.

The symptoms of the condition are vomiting, gas, burping, and pain on the right side of the body.

5.Heart Attack:

A person does not have a heart attack out of the blue, it does not happen instantly, it happens in a gradual way over days.

The symptoms that indicate that you will have heart attack are:

  • abdominal pressure,
  • chest pressure,
  • severe fatigue,
  • you may feel nauseated,
  • And you will also feel back pain around shoulder blades.

So, in case you experience a back pain between shoulder blades, accompanied by the aforementioned symptoms, you should see a cardiologist, to prevent a heart attack from occurring.

How to Fix Pain Between Shoulder Blades :

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Finally, simple homemade remedies to alleviate back pain between shoulder blades:

If you are experiencing shoulder pain, the following remedies will alleviate the pain. They are very effective.

1.Warm up:

Apply a warm, moist towel or a hot bottle of water between shoulder blades.

2.Massage the area:

Use as a massage chair or machine to relax muscle tension between your shoulder blades.

In summary, back pain between the shoulder blades is a common issue that can stem from a variety of causes, including poor posture, muscle strain, or underlying medical conditions.

Understanding the contributing factors and adopting preventive measures, such as maintaining proper posture and incorporating targeted exercises, can play a crucial role in alleviating and preventing this discomfort.

However, persistent or severe pain warrants professional medical evaluation to rule out more serious conditions, ensuring appropriate diagnosis and tailored treatment plans. By addressing the root causes and adopting a holistic approach to back health,

individuals can take proactive steps toward relieving and preventing pain between the shoulder blades for improved overall well-being

This was your full guide on back pain between shoulder blades. Wish you a blessed healthy life.

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