Migraine And Neck Pain: Revealing The Recent Powerful Effects Of Craniosacral Therapy!

Migraine And Neck Pain: Revealing The Recent Powerful Effects Of Craniosacral Therapy!

Migraine And Neck Pain Revealing The Recent Powerful Effects Of Craniosacral Therapy

Have y’all listened regarding Craniosacral Therapy? Well, you’re about to! Today’s topic is going to be about Craniosacral Therapy and its effectiveness against migraine and neck pain.

So, basically, you’ll get to know:

What is the Craniosacral therapy?
A Research To Prove Craniosacral therapy actually works!
How is Craniosacral therapy effective against Migraine and neck pain?
Simple secrets to kill the pain.
Let’s get to know the most recent powerful weapon discovered to treat migraine and neck pain…

What Is The Craniosacral Therapy?

Luckily, for us, a gentle non-invasive therapy can treat our migraine and neck pain tremendously! CST (Craniosacral therapy) is completely concerning the enlightenment holding of your sacrum and skull and you would rarely feel any act. This is the best example of a “subtle” treatment since the craniosacral therapy is so smooth and gently, you won’t feel a thing.

The best part about it how this therapy archives relief from a migraine and neck pain through safe and minor interventions. The whole secret behind CST effectiveness is by applying pressure and affecting our circulation of the cerebrospinal fluid (it’s the fluid that surrounds your spinal cord and brain).

Thanks to John Upledger who is an osteopath and the one who founded the modern powerful migraine and neck pain weapon; the CST.

He’s one of the popular people to develop alternative medicines therapies and techniques.

Mr. Upledger maintains that craniosacral medicine “works with original and unique rhythms of our various body methods to pinpoint accurate source difficulties.”

So, is there some research that can prove CST effectiveness against migraine and neck pain?!


A Research To Prove Craniosacral Therapy Actually Works!
I always like to back anything with scientific evidence to deliver trustworthy information to you guys!

And here’s a research I found that proves how CST can really be our solution to treat migraine and neck pain!

This study was made to show that CST could improve functional disability, pain intensity and health-related quality of our lives.

Plus, don’t forget that it’s a noninvasive therapy that effectively treats a migraine and neck pain through gentle manual palpation techniques. The point here is to release any fascial tension between the sacrum and the cranium.

In this CST study, researchers have brought 54 patients chosen at random. They divide the patients into two groups; one receiving Craniosacral therapy and the others receiving light-touch sham treatment.

Obviously, researchers measured and monitored the progress before and after the 8-week treatment. Then, they decided to make the research for 20 weeks instead of 8 weeks!

Surprisingly, there was an astonishing reduction in the pain intensity after the intervention.

And, now, the real question is…

How Is Craniosacral Therapy Effective Against Migraine And Neck Pain?

A well-trained CST massage therapist, chiropractor or osteopath will give you a good manual palpation massage to regulate your parasympathetic system (your cranial sacral system).

Basically, you should know that your cranial sacral system is responsible for increasing your gland and intestinal activity, slowing your heart rate and relaxing sphincter muscles in your GIT (gastrointestinal tract).

The CST aims to affect 2 important functions in your body to relieve your migraine and neck pain:

Function1: Your Autonomic Nervous System:

The first function the CST aims to enhance your Autonomic Nervous System function. You probably already know that your Autonomic Nervous System consists of the parasympathetic (or your craniosacral system) and the sympathetic systems.

Interestingly, there’s a link between migraine pain and chronic neck pain indicating that there’s a dysfunction in your Sympathetic Nervous System.

Luckily, craniosacral therapy can absolutely work on treating this type of painful dysfunction.

Function2: The Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CSF):

Basically, many types of research have proven that your craniosacral system plays a huge role in your continuous migraine episodes.

It’s also interesting to know how researchers have proven that the increase in CSF pressure leads to an equivalent increase in the intensity of your migraine pains and episodes.

So, it crucial to balance your CSF pressure, especially of your suffering from migraine pain.


Because the CSF protects your brain in your skull by absorbing any shock and protect your brain from further damage.

Also, this fluid is really important to carry vital chemicals and nutrients filtered from your blood. Finally, it removes any waste products or toxins from your brain.

Simple Secrets To Kill The Pain:

Here are some extra secret ways to kill the migraine pain…

1. Sleep well:
Obviously, migraine pain prevents us from sleeping at night or, even worse, wakes you up during your sleep.

Surprisingly, the less you sleep, the more migraine episodes you’ll get!

All you need to do is set regular sleeping hours every day and relax by the end of the day.

If you decide to take a quick nap during the day, keep it short, nothing more than 30 minutes.

Listen to your favorite relaxing music to make you sleep better during the night.

2. Healthy lifestyle:
Drink water before bed, exercise every day for 30 minutes to promoted healthy body functions and lessen the chances of migraines.

Also, make sure not to drink coffee before bedtime to sleep well through the night. You should keep drinking alcohol to a minimum because it’ll affect your sleep as well.

3. Less screen:
Allow your eyes to relax and minimize the time you spend in front of the television or on your smartphone!

You’re obviously exhausting your eyes and your brain and that’s one of the big reasons you’re getting frequent migraine episodes.

4. Don’t force yourself to sleep:
The more you force yourself into sleeping, the more awake you’ll be! If you can’t sleep then pick a book and read, or listen to some relaxing music.

If you’re watching TV or using your smartphone, turn them off and set a quiet environment to sleep.

5. Read your medications components:
If you’re on any medications, make sure it doesn’t have any caffeine, nicotine or any sort of stimulants.

If they do have, contact your doctor immediately to prescribe another medicine with the same effect but with no stimulants.

Finally, you now know everything about the recent powerful migraine and neck pain therapy called Craniosacral Therapy. Moreover, I told you some effective secrets to help lessen those migraine episodes.

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