9 Exercises To Get Rid of Lower Belly Fat in Just 14 days

Exercises To Get Rid of Lower Belly Fat


Exercises To Get Rid of Lower Belly Fat, It may be difficult to lose excess lower belly fat, as well as causing an unpleasant sight to your eyes. The fat around your stomach and around your organs may also damage your health.

 Also known as visceral fat and this type of fat increases the risk of diabetes, hypertension and sleep apnea.

Moreover, Many exercises to get rid of lower belly fat weight may make you feel more confident and may also improve your overall health. Although there is no “immediate cure”, excess fat around your stomach is reduced by dieting and exercise.

It may help you achieve your goals by doing some changes in your diet,exercises to get rid of lower belly fatroutine and lifestyle.

How to Get Rid of Lower Belly Fat

At the beginning, we have to ask ourselves how to get rid of lower belly fat

  1. First step: Reduce the calories you consume
  2. Second step: For how to get rid of lower belly fat beware of added sugar
  3. Third step: Controlled the tension
  4. Fourth step: Drink plenty of water
  5. Fifth step: Exercises To Get Rid of Lower Belly Fat
  6. Sixth step: For success of how to get rid of lower belly fat do not skip some meals
  7. Seventh step: Do not Skip abdominal Exercises To Get Rid of Lower Belly Fat
  8. Eighth step: Track your progress and look for an incentive for you

Best Exercise to Get Rid of Belly Fat

In addition of the above, do you dream of getting a tight, graceful lower belly? It is not as difficult as you think because  you can achieve this by doing best exercise to get rid of belly fatand get the stomach you have dreamed of in a very short time!

To achieve this, you need to take some time to applyExercises To Get Rid of Lower Belly Fatfor your stomach, which will help you get a “sculpted” and thin stomach at any time!

Exercise 1: Pilates 100

  • Lie on your back and make sure your stomach is level with attention to your spine and neutralize these exercises to get rid of lower belly fat. Start the first round by breathing 50 times and multiply this number in the next rounds.


  • Lie on your back and your arms forward and lift your legs the way the first picture shows you.
  • After this step, exhale with your head, your shoulders and your arms on the ground.


  • Lift your legs as shown in the second image and press on your arms up and down 10 times, 5 times in sync with the exhalation process and 5 other times coincide with the process of inhalation, taking care to tighten your stomach and keep your back in line with the ground.

Exercise 2: Pilates Cris-CrossExercises To Get Rid of Lower Belly Fat

  • First of all, make sure your stomach is flat. Lie on your back and lift your knees up to become above your hips.
  • Put your fingers behind the ears and lift your head off the ground as shown in the third picture.


  • Lift your left shoulder towards your right hip and synchronize with raising your right leg as shown by the image, then perform the process of inhalation and then exhaling along with repeating the movement itself in the opposite direction.

Exercise 3: Oblique Roll BackExercises To Get Rid of Lower Belly Fat

  1. This exercise is not suitable for people with back problems or diseases.
  2. Sit as shown in figure 4 with your knees bent and your arms straight forward.
  3. Simultaneously with the exhalation move a semi circular motion by moving the hips area with your arms open to take the same movement in the left and right directions.

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Belly Fat Burning Exercises

Many Exercises To Get Rid of Lower Belly Fat, here are 9 belly burning exercises and restore a sculpted stomach in just 14 days!

Butterfly belly fat burning Exercises:

  • These exercises to get rid of lower belly fat are based on lying down and lengthening the back on the sports mat, then fold the knees outward and paste the feet in the slippers against each other, and raise them as far as possible towards the pelvis.


  • Place the hands behind the head and keep the elbows at the same level as the ears. It is said that the back should be kept straight and attached to the ground.


  • To strengthen the abdominal muscles, lift the chest a few centimeters to the feet and then down.

Side exercises to get rid of lower belly fat

  1. These exercises to get rid of lower belly fat are applied by lying on the back, then fold the feet and keep them flat on the ground so that they are parallel to the width of the pelvis.
  2. Stretch the arms along the body, maintaining a straight level of head and neck, and keeping the pelvis firmly attached to the ground.
  3. When you tighten your abdominal muscles and breathe, extend your right arm to try to touch your right foot. After that, you should refer to the original position before moving to the other side.

Belly fat burning exercises on the sports board

  1. The stand is limited to 4 feet on the sports mat. By leaning on the forearms and placing the hands flat on the mat and straightening the feet back.
  2. This condition should be kept between 20 and 30 seconds, with pressure on the abdomen and breathing normally.

Touch the toesBelly fat burning exercises

  1. This depends on lying on the back and raising the feet to the top, to form a straight angle with the body area attached to the ground.
  2. The arms are then push forward with the pressure on the stomach muscles, allowing the body to lift off the ground in an effort to touch the toes.

TightenBelly fat burning exercises

  1. You should lie on your back with fingers behind your ears, and extend your feet forward.
  2. Tighten the abdominal muscles and fold the left leg and try touching the knee with the right elbow.
  3. Then you must return to the starting point, and again try touching the right knee with the left elbow.

Tummy tuck with rubber band

  1. Always in the position of lying on the back, the knees must be folded and raised to the top.
  2. Place the rubber band under the knee and tighten it with both hands.
  3. Try to lift your body towards the chest area with the tension on the ligament. This position should be maintained for three seconds before returning to the basic position.

Raise the knees exercises to get rid of lower belly fat

  1. This exercise depends on the position of sitting on the chair with a large distance between the back of the chair and your back.
  2. Put the hands on both sides of the chair to stabilize the body, fold with the elbows. After that, you should lean back toward the back of the chair and then lift your knees to the chest area.
  3. This movement depends on slowness and accuracy, while tightening the abdominal area and avoiding lax back or swinging from front to back.

Horizontal swing of feetbelly fat burning exercises

  1. For those who want to do this exercise, lie first on the back straight and extend the hands to the sides for more support and balance.
  2. Lift the feet up to form a straight angle with the chest area. Here you should tighten the abdominal muscles and try to return the feet down without touching the ground.

Foot exercises with rubber ball

  • By placing the chest area on the rubber ball and swinging forward until the hands touch the ground and the feet become elevated from the ground.


  • Lower belly area should be tight, the left foot stretched out and the right side lifted from the ground for three seconds before returning to the basic position.

In conclusion, when the body gets used to these exercises to get rid of lower belly fat, it is advisable to double their number weekly, in order to maintain better performance.

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