Gluteal Muscles Pain: Your Ultimate Guide

gluteal muscles pain

They are many things that can cause gluteal pain, On one hand,  Among them, we can find that any injury in muscle will cause a severe gluteal pain. We will give some answers to some questions related to gluteal muscles pain.


Firstly, What Are Gluteal Muscles, And What Is Their Function?

There are Three tissues in the gluteal area, they are Gluteus Maximus, Gluteus Medius, also Gluteus Minimus. These tissues are placed over the back part of the pelvic bone. Each muscle is located in a different place, the Gluteus Maximus is close to the skin, the gluteus minimus id between the back portion of the pelvic bone and an outer portion of the scrum.

If any of these muscles are injured or traumatized, it will lead to gluteal muscles pain.

The Function:

These muscles have various functions, they are responsible for any movement of hip joints such as extension, abduction, rotation internally and externally.

Besides, the Gluteus Maximus has a unique function, as it is responsible for knee extension through the iliotibial tract.

What Causes Gluteal Muscles Pain?

In general, there are many causes that lead to gluteal pain; some of the causes of  general gluteal pain:

  1. Sitting for long periods causes pain because of the pressure.
  2. Starting back stretching exercise without warming-up.
  3. An injury in the pelvis, or tailbone area.
  4. Some diseases, such as:
  • Skin abnormalities and disease.
  • Nerve abnormalities and disease
  • Pelvis bone abnormalities and disease
  • Hip joints abnormalities and disease
  • Ligament abnormalities and disease

5.Muscle cramps.

However, when we talk about GlutealMuscles pain, we will find many muscle conditions are the underlying cause of Gluteal muscles pain.

These Causes Are:

1.Gluteus muscles spasm:

The gluteal muscle spasm is usually caused by a fall or blunt trauma. Due to muscle spasm of gluteal muscles, you will feel severe pain. In case you have a gluteal muscle spasm, you will be incapable of standing from a sitting position. Besides, during rotating your lower leg internally or externally, the weak gluteal muscles will have a  severe muscles spasm.

People who are more likely to get gluteal muscles spasm are:

  • Long-distance runners.
  • When the muscles are injured during a contact sport (football e.g) or an accident.

2.Muscle Tear:

If a gluteal muscle is torn, it will cause severe pain.

A gluteal muscle will be torn in case you:

  • Twist suddenly.
  • Rotate your lower leg while a connection sport.

If a gluteal muscle is ripped, you will be incapable to walk or replace your stand from sitting into standing.

You can identify if the cause of gluteal muscles pain is a torn muscle through examine the color of your skin if it is purple-red, the muscle is torn.

3.Gluteus Maximus Syndrome:

In case the Gluteus Maximus is in trauma or injured, this will result in gluteal muscles pain. Gluteus Maximus injury radiates the pain to the lower sacrum and coccyx.

4.Piriformis Syndrome:

The underlying cause behind Piriformis is irritation of the sciatic spirit. The sciatic spirit moves within the piriformis tissue. The sciatic nerve pinches when the Piriformis muscle is twisted or injured. The pain caused by piriformis syndrome radiates to the buttocks and the back of the lower leg.

5.HamstringMuscular Strength Pain:

The hamstring tissue found over the back of the upper leg and the lower gluteal area. The pain is caused by a: tear, spasm, or strain in the hamstring muscle. The pain radiates to the gluteal area, causing gluteal muscles pain, and restricting your movement.

6.Myofascial Pain In The Gluteal Muscles:

Myofascial pain is caused by a trigger point in Gluteus medius and piriformis muscles.

7.Bruised Buttock:

It is a bleeding that is caused by a fall or trauma in the gluteal muscles, as a result of the bleeding you will feel a great gluteal muscles pain.

8.Tendon Injuries Or Abnormalities:

The tendon is attached to gluteal muscles,  any inflammation or tear occurs, as a result, it will affect your gluteal muscles.

The tendon injuries or abnormalities are:

a.Tendon Inflammation:

This kind of inflammation is also known as tendonitis. The gluteal muscles tendonitis is named after the location of the inflammation of the tendon, so there are 3 kinds of tendonitis, they are Gluteus Maximus tendonitis, Gluteus Medius tendonitis, Gluteus Minimus tendonitis. The tendon inflammation occurs in people who are involved in the long-distance bicycle ride or run.

b.Tendon Tear:

It happens to people who perform contact sports. If you have a tendon tear, seeing a doctor is a must, because it is painful, and you face the risk of not getting better.

c.Tendon Dislocation:

Tendon dislocation happens when the tendon is detached from its attachment to the bones. This condition causes a severe gluteal muscle pain.

The Symptoms:

All symptoms should be evaluated according to the intensity of the following factors: pain, duration, location, what relief the pain or aggravate it. However, you should see a doctor to identify the underlying cause of the gluteal pain, and give you a proper treatment.

There are some symptoms that indicate that you have a gluteal pain:

  1. Bruising
  2. The muscles are weakened.
  3. Burning sensation in the hip.
  4. The buttocks are swollen.
  5. You may also feel a severe pain in your lower back.
  6. Your motion activities become restricted.
  7. It will be difficult for you to change your position from sitting to standing.


As mentioned before seeing a doctor is a must, to give you the proper treatment for the cause of pain. But, in case the pain is unbearable there are some exercises that help relieve the pain:

  1. Stretching and strengthening exercises are very effective.
  2. Postural correction.
  3. Home yoga will help you release the muscles tension in the piriformis.
  4. Yoga also helps in relieving hamstring injuries.
  5. Lasting on one leg, or pushing the leg out to the side opposite gravitation, increase your abductors.


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This was your full guide to gluteal muscles pain and how to treat it. Wish you a healthy life all along.

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