Pain In Right Side Of Neck Causes and Effective Treatment

Pain In Right Side Of Neck Causes and Effective Treatment

Obviously, you have pain in right side of neck. Maybe you experience this pain every day or very often that you need to know what is going on. You’ve probably gone to a doctor or physician for your neck pain and all you got was a pain reliever, but the pain keeps on coming back.

Now, we’re going to review:

  1. Four common causes of persistent pain in the right side of neck.
  2. How to treat your neck pain.
  3. Home remedies for neck pain.

Before we jump into the causes of pain in right side of neck, you need to know what is chronic neck pain?

Generally, chronic neck pain is a common condition that many people suffer from on a daily basis. The spinal muscles, nerves, and structure altogether form a complex system, that one something goes wrong with one of them, all gets affected.

Important note:

Now that we’re going to talk about the common causes of pain in the right side of neck, there’s something that you should know. No matter why you’re experiencing neck pain, you need to go to a good pain management doctor to guide you through the proper treatment depending on your diagnosis.

Let’s get started…

First: 4 Common Reasons For Chronic Pain In The Right Side Of Neck:


1. Pinched Nerve

First of all, there could be a pinched nerve on the right side of the neck. Although it doesn’t seem like that much of a big deal, it can be really painful (and one of the most frustrating) conditions you can suffer from.

Pain in the right of neck because of pinched neck can be severe and leave you immobile. A herniated disc can cause pinched nerve and therefore neck pain on the right side. But, it’s not the herniated disc; it’s the pinched nerve that is causing severe pain.

In medical terms, when a pinched nerve causes pain, it’s called “nerve root pain” or “radicular pain”. A pinched nerve can, sadly, make you feel pain in other parts of your body.

The symptoms of a herniated disc are the same as pinched nerve neck pain, in fact, both are usually accompanied with one another.

How to know it’s a pinched nerve?

Well, if you’re feeling pain on the right side of neck along with other parts of your body, then there’s a high possibility it’s a pinched nerve.

2.Degenerative Cervical Disc Disease:

The secondary common cause of pain in right side of neck is degenerative cervical disc disease. Lots of patients who complain of neck pain in the right side get this common diagnosis. Lots of patients complain to their pain management physician from chronic neck pain, which comes and goes or gets worse as they engage in physical activity.

If this is familiar to you, then I’ll tell you some more symptoms that you could be experiencing in your neck as well, like:

  • Inflexible or stiff neck
  • Neck pain that goes down to your shoulder and sometimes extends to your triceps.
  • Neck pain that gets so bad when you engage in any physical activity.

If you have any of these neck pain symptoms or even one of them, then you need to go to a pain management doctor, because there’s a high possibility it’s Cervical Degenerative Disc Disease.

3. A Cervical Herniated Disc:

When the inner core of the cervical disc protrudes and puts pressure on the nerve root, it causes what is known as “cervical herniated disc”. Generally, the cervical herniated disc is really common among adults of 30-50 years of age, however, sometimes it’s found in younger patients.

Occasionally, trauma can cause a cervical herniated disc, especially if you’ve experienced any sports injuries or had a car accident. Sadly, there’s no obvious reason why a cervical herniated disc occurs. When you’re suffering from a herniated disc, the symptoms vary depending on which disc is herniated.

Here are the common symptoms for you to know whether you’re suffering from a herniated disc or not:

  • Pain in right side of neck (or left).
  • Pain in the shoulders and down to your arms.
  • Difficulty turning your neck to either sides.
  • Tingling, numbness or muscle weakness in your fingers and hands.

These are the 4 common symptoms associated with a herniated cervical disc. However, each of us is unique, even in the type of pain we feel and how our bodies react to pain.

4. Tumors or Cysts:

A less common reason for pain in the right side of neck is tumors or cysts in the neck. It sometimes could grow until it reaches a certain size that it causes pressure on your nerves and, therefore, causing excruciating pain.

Although musculoskeletal is more common than neck tumors or cysts, it’s important to have them in mind as a possibility of the neck pain you’re having and check for its occurrence with CT, MRI scan.

Second: How To Treat Your Neck Pain:

Now that you know the reasons for chronic pain on the right side of neck, you need to know how to solve this issue. There are many conditions that can cause such neck pain, and we’ve mentioned the 4 most common reasons.

However, to treat each condition, you need to first check with a good doctor and get the right clinical diagnosis for proper treatment.

By finding a proper pain management clinic, you’ll find doctors or physicians who specialize in treating neck pain conditions. Make sure that you’ll follow up with a doctor who has great abilities and skills to relieve or sometimes even eliminate neck pain.

Third: Home Remedies For Neck Pain:

Finally, you can try this home remedies at home to treat pain in right side of neck:

  1. Applying ice the injured or painful area
  2. Taking OTC (over-the-counter) anti-inflammatory medications
  3. Try taking a warm bath and apply heat to your neck.
  4. Neck stretches (but gently) by moving your neck from side to side.
  5. Stay slightly active notwithstanding your neck pain.
  6. Get a nice relaxing massage for your neck.
  7. Sit in the right posture for your back and neck.

So, this was your guide on pain in right side of neck, its causes and how to treat it. If you’ve tried anything to treat your pain, please share it with us in the comments.

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